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  1. Still not sure if it's going to be Okushiga Kogen or the Prince hotel, waiting to see what hotel my colleague can get into. Are there specific places that I should go to rent skis? I'll bring my own boots, but would like high-performance skis, not standard rental equipment.
  2. I've decided on Shiga Kogen. I think the size of this resort interest me, and it is also located more conveniently for me to make my flight back to the US without a wasted day. I'm very excited, it sounds like this is a great place to ski and enjoy. I'm currently working on getting prices for the Shiga Prince, the Sunroute Hotel, and the Okushiga Kougen Hotel. I will be sure to post back with the results of my trip.
  3. Hi, I just found this forum, some great info here. Thanks! I'll be traveling to Japan on business at the end of February, and would like to stay a few extra days and do some skiing. I'll probably be able to ski for two or three days. I think I've narrowed it down to Niseko or Shiga Kogen, but I'd like to get opinions from people in the know. I'm a fairly strong skier, although I don't have any need for extremely steep terrain, and I'm not a big fan of moguls. I'm definitely looking for some above-treeline and lightly-gladed terrain, things that I don't get much living in the nort
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