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  1. When I took Shinkansen train from Niigata to Tokyo I saw several ski slopes just near the railroad rails. I need to go to Niigata one more time and would like to stop for an hour on one of these slopes. Can you please tell the names of the stations where these slopes are located? At least for one... Close to the station. I want just to try new snowboard, so there is no need for black with 2 diamonds slope 2 Tubby Beaver, thursday Thanks a lot for "snow street" address! I found everything I need there for reesonable prices.
  2. hi again! can you please tell me the names and adress of snowboards shops? with plenty of choices and reasonable prices... better if in central tokyo.
  3. Wow. Thanks a lot for recomendations. Actually, I have already seen many of the Tokyo tourist places - Tower, Castle, Akasuka, Ginza, Akihabara, etc. Actually, it is kind boring to hang out there without any goal. I need to visit Quiksilver store at Shibuya area and that is all what is planned. And maybe Kyoto... Ueno Zoo and dolphins are also a great ideas, thanx. But what is Yoyogi and Harajuku? But what would be fun is to find some new friends in Tokyo, have suchi or nice pasta and share some interesting stories Or go to Nagano for a day... So if somebody have time for this, her
  4. Hi! I am going to spend 2 last weeks of January in Japan - first week in Tokyo and second - in Naeba. It is not my first visit to Japan, my father will be there for business and I have no idea what to do in Tokyo for a week. Any good ideas? Also, is there a place I can rent a bike?
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