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  1. Myself and a mate are hitting Hakuba in January for 10 days. what are peoples recommendations for hakuba restaurants/izakayas etc? Is there a good Okonomyaki place anywhere near Hakuba?
  2. Hi Chriselle, thanks for the response. I have a few questions if you dont mind? How far apart are they? Would it take long to walk from Moegi to the visitor center? What is the bennefit of being close to the visitor centre? Is Moegi a big hotel or is it pretty small? Many thanks
  3. Just wondering whether anyone has stayed at either hotel moegi or aria hotel - both in Wadano, Hakuba. We have a choice of the two and aren't sure which to take. We want to be close to lifts, shuttle buses and onsens. We also want somewhere with helpful staff/owners who speak at least a little english (only because we speak very little japanese although we are trying to improve that) to help us out with transport etc from time to time. Its always difficult without having been somewhere. Any advice as to the relative location of each would be much appreciated.
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