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  1. hey dude, i found accommodation in a lodge and its sweet here. everyones friendly n its a cool pad. hit us up on msn messenger if you want the information. stubbzee@hotmail.com take it easy
  2. awesome!! what type of work will you be looking for? add me up on msn if you want so we can talk further =] stubbzee@hotmail.com thanks for replying, speak soon dude
  3. Thanks for replying =) I had a look on this website and it would cost a fortune to stay in any of these places from Dec-Mar. (The hostel isn't much cheaper than some of the BnB's)
  4. Im travelling to Niseko at the end of November with a friend who has already got an instructers position that comes with staff accommodation. I've looked all over the net for work and somewhere to stay for myself but not found a great deal. Any suggestions, help, information etc... would be very much appreciated. Thanks =)
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