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  1. Thanks guys, Just compared that Amex site and the Travelex one, and for 91,000 yen the Travelex company was $15 dollars cheaper. Think I might end up going with them. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi guys. Last 2 times I've been to Japan the exchange rate has been really good, so I've always bought my Yen here in Australia before I left and never worried about it. This year, we all know how terrible the Yen is so I've had to start looking around for the best deal... Major banks here always take their cut off things which make a terrible exchange rate even more terrible, so I've been doing a bit of an internet search and from what I've read its actually better to exchange my money once I get to Japan? Either at the Airport or Tokyo. I've got about 1000 yen left over from l
  3. Originally Posted By: HotMagma Have you looked back at the Shiga Kogen Now reports? I'm sure that would give you an idea of what was open in recent seasons. Yeah thats where I've been looking at the archive of the reports, thanks. Creekboy, whats it like getting around from each resort? Is it similar to Niseko where they have a free bus that just does a circular run around the place all day?
  4. Hey guys, My girlfriend and I are traveling to Shiga Kogen on December 20th through to the 24th this year. Its only a short stay as we are doing a 14 day rail trip around Japan before hand and I convinced her that we should visit the snow as well while we are there! I've been to Niseko twice before (and wont be going back anytime soon thanks to the thounsands of people from Australia who have ruined it) so I've got a fairly good idea about the culture and people, and its my girlfriends first trip there. I know its not the best part of the season, but we had to go at that time d
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