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Site news: Interactive guide to Japanese ski area opening & closing dates



A new interactive guide to Japanese ski area opening & closing dates

In late spring, as a new feature, we compiled and added the actual 2021-2022 season opening and closing dates for (almost) every ski area around Japan. That information is posted on the individual ski area pages within SnowJapan.

 We have brought all that information together in a new interactive table that lets you quickly view, compare, search, filter and sort it. Here it is:


Please be sure to read the important notes to avoid any potential misunderstandings about the data.

 We plan to publish this information every year at the end of the snow season. Hopefully, it will be a valuable reference resource for anyone interested in when Japanese ski areas open and close each year.

The planned opening dates for the upcoming 2022-2023 season will be checked and updated gradually over the coming weeks and months. Our manual information process updating process has already started.

The countdown has begun!  :friend:



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