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FORUM NEWS - Some work on our servers might affect the Forums

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Over the last few months or so, we’ve been busy working on some new stuff and changes for the site in time for next season. You’re going to have to wait a while to see those changes online, but in preparation for that over the next week we are going to be doing some fiddly technical work on our server which will affect the site and Forums.


So what, you say?! Well, most of the site should be unaffected, but it will mean that over the next week or so there will be times when the Forums are either:


- turned off (in which case you won’t be able to read them)


- you will not be able to post new messages or reply to any messages (in which case you will be able to read the Forums but won’t be able to add anything).


So things will probably seem especially quiet during this period. As usual, we’ve picked one of the least busy weeks of the year on the Forums to do this work to cause the least disruption.


We’re hoping that from around the 23rd, things will get back to normal again.


Anyway, continue posting (you’ll easily find out if you can’t when you try) and we’ll try to get all this done as quickly as possible.


Sorry for any disruption!



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