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I worked at Shiga for 2 seasons 8 years ago and im going back there on the 28th (busy period) unfortunately only for 2 days.


I'm coming from New Zealand and my girlfriend has told me I can take skis or skateboard, not both!

Ive decided to go with the skateboard, the dervish, after all i'll be in Osaka for the remaining 15 days of our trip and couldn't imagine being there without my wheels.


But im still worried about the skis available for hire at Shiga. Im bringing my boots and I want to hire good twin-tips, I dont want to ski on shit.

Has anyone rented skis from Prince Hotel or know whether they have a good selection of demo skis? any information welcome.


Also does anyone know if ski shops in Osaka rent out skis?



(first post in maybe 6 years, hanging out to get back to Japan)


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Went last year. Under the Prince is better than other places within Shiga. We stayed at sunroute and they gave had only slalom race skies - which were great on the road down to the prince...:-). I skied on Salomon 1080 foils (grey face) - probably year old. Being an average powder skier i found them fine & well looked after (no rock work).

- sorry not much help unfortunately I didn't really check out the demo gear.


Good call re the boots - i am a 28.5 and there was not a big selection.


going to nozawa this year - same situation as you - too much other travel to justify bringing own ski's over.

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