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Found 3 results

  1. Sapporo Teine is my local hill, I've now been here a number of times...enough that I have a good feel for the place. I wrote a review of it the other day, so I'll copy n paste it over but add in some pics from today. I woke up this morning to nice sunny skies, with no new snow to speak of I was in 2 minds at to whether to head up to Teine or not....after a jolly good bullying from Pie Eater, I decided to get out amongst it, with expectations being a nice cruisy day on the groomers, perhaps trying to improve my trick skill set which is sorely lacking. As I get the bus up to Highland base st
  2. After moving up to Sapporo last week and finally getting most of my sh#t organised, I managed to get a day out to local ski hill, Sapporo Teine. I had heard that after March 31st (yesterday) that they had closed on weekdays and were only open on weekends....thankfully for me that wasn't the case, although the Olympia area was closed so perhaps its only half open on weekdays from April 1st. I tried to get a JR Ski Pack from Sapporo station but these deals actually did end on March 31st and the daily shuttle bus from Teine station has also stopped. Kind of sucks cos its much easier for me to get
  3. Morning. We are planning a trip up to Hokkaido this winter and thinking of doing the west and easy of Sapporo. Like the idea of a middle bit and taking in some of Sapporo as well as the skiing. Would you say 1 day (well, 1 night) is enough for Sapporo or does it deserve a bit more perhaps. Interested in the festival, a bit of Japan city nightlife and things that being in a city can give you. Cheers.
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