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  1. Thanks for that article it was great. HAPPY NEW YEAR. I am starting to get very excited as there has been a few good dumps of snow. I have bought new ski pants and jacket so I am ready and rearing to go. Is there much to do in Niseko if the weather turns crappy or having a rest day?? Are there any snow monkeys in the hot pools in Sapparo area??
  2. Yeah I guess! I'm getting pretty good at lugging my gear around the place. Must look very funny I think my ski bag is bigger than me. Thanks for the advice on my ski's. My friend is going to air brush my poles to match my ski's before I go. (you know it's the whole colour coordination thing) Glad to hear the snow in March is good I thought we may have left it a bit late.
  3. We don't arrive until March 3rd (left it a bit late and flights and accomodation were hard to get). A friend of ours at flight center has booked everything. Not going with a tour company have always found it is more fun to feel your own way. Always a little nervous on the first run until I get my ski legs - A friend of mine broke her arm in Japan on the first day!!!! Do I have to look at getting new ski's for the powder. I bought mine when we were in Canada and haven't had a problem with them (just need to get them tuned before I go).
  4. Thanks for that - I have bought basic lonely planet japanese book and correct pronounciation book!! As long as I can say where is the bar and the hospital I guess that is going to be the most important. We are staying at the Niseko Park Hotel? Can't wait everyone says it is the best powder snow in the world!!
  5. 1-ML-14611-ML- This thread has been moved to the Snow Talk forums area.
  6. Hi I would like a little advice for first ski trip to japan. Language Barriers? food? slopes etc. I have skied New Zealand and Canada. Cheers
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