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  1. There's a few vending machines at the top of my road and something is really starting to annoy me. It's a quiet road, not a main one, but these things are turned on all night. The lighting for them is just totally excessive - they light up the area 30m in all directions it is so bright, almost enough to give you a headache.


    I spoke with some neighbours and they all pretty much came out with the "so desu ne" line. Anyway I found out who was in charge and asked them why they were on all night. "Because it is convenient for people wanting a drink". ( eek.gif ) Then I asked why they were so brightly lit. "So people can see them".


    confused.gif Didn't really know how to respond to those.


    I wonder how much energy is used up by all those machines throughout Japan. Wonder if it is worth it for the convenience to the few people who want a coke at 3am in the middle of nowhere.

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