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  1. damn straight its about manners lin and co.


    first day back on this site, back for winter and looking for it, settled just below hakuba- bring it on....anyway as i was saying, first day back on this site and i couldnt believe my eyes. as if you put that on this website???


    sure it is open to everyone but there are only 300 passes, hence it was a bit of a locals thing, now cats from everywhere, generally with more cash than those who live in the area, are gonna try and score these tickets. When one shovels snow 5 months of the year, a cheap pass is a blessing, when one works his ass off for the coin in tokyo gets a cheap pass, thats just bollocks.

    even more ridic for someone living overseas.


    but forget all the hype, in four years of hakuba i have never met a soingle gaijin wwho has won this pass, despite many entries, and i have a dozen local mates who get em every year....connections make the world go round.


    see you in hakuba Ftwins and whoever else i know on this forum thingy-



  2. being an aussie I was shocked on my one trip to niseko. trust me i can party and run amok with the best of em but these guys were a bunch of kooks. staright outta falls creek and telling us the secrets to getting good lines...amongst other things. knobheads. as some of the other crew have said, check out hoshu, damn good resorts around the island, damn good fun and low key.

    hope you get some pow and basashi into u this winter

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