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  1. Thank you for your answers. I'm sorry for not showing up. I'm not bugging out! I understand the idea you want an instructor with good English. Acting as the instructor describes exactly on the slope is not so easy even if you had the same language. When I'm learning skiing from Japanese instructor, sometimes I'm frustrated by the instructions which didn't come across well. It depends on what the guests want from the instructor, isn't it? Some might just want them to attend their children or tell about the mountains thay see, local stories or things like that. gams
  2. Hi! I am a collge student and really interested in working as a ski instructor this coming winter at Hakuba area. Ideally, I'd be happy with seeing many foreigne gusets and teaching them in English and in the future I want to become a ski guide who can entertain guests from overseas. Could anybody tell me which ski school (at Hakuba) has many foreign customers the most? What the impression or idea of the ski school in Japan you went to before? If the instructor's English is bad, does it disapponit you? Thanks in advance.
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