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  1. Yeah, had a few beers with a coupla mates who were in Tenjindaira a few weeks ago and said it was ice bound in a lot of places. I remember Tenjindaira as a place that always went off, snow wise. Sounding like, with the exchange rate being shitty too, that it just may not be worth it this season. I am here to mainly get my J back to where I want it to be, and therefore am trying not to let wanting to snowboard dominate me (bad snow conditions/poor exchage rate may just make it easier to resist)

  2. Janus,


    if your flight arrives at 8pm, some rental places will wait for you to pick up the car, even if it's 8:30pm or so. Check out this site,




    I will also be visiting Japan Feb 15th (Osaka first) - Mar 1st. I'd be interested in sharing a car with you guys, to minimize the cost, if is suits us all, schedule wise. Hit me up if you wanna discuss it more.





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