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  1. Yeah, had a few beers with a coupla mates who were in Tenjindaira a few weeks ago and said it was ice bound in a lot of places. I remember Tenjindaira as a place that always went off, snow wise. Sounding like, with the exchange rate being shitty too, that it just may not be worth it this season. I am here to mainly get my J back to where I want it to be, and therefore am trying not to let wanting to snowboard dominate me (bad snow conditions/poor exchage rate may just make it easier to resist)
  2. Hi All, curious how it is in everyone's area (those living in/near the snow). Am hearing it is pretty poor this year from a few people here in Tokyo. Please share with me/us how you see it. Thanx.
  3. Ah, wish I'd found discountsnowboards.com.au earlier, hopefully I'll score just as well in J-Land!!!
  4. yeah, that's a good price. I will leave it till I get there. Saves me lugging it there and back. lol
  5. Nah, I don't necessarily need the latest model. I just don't have one these days, as I don't snowboard in OZ (does anyone after having lived in Japan before?). I gave away my old board when I came back. I know where to go in Tokyo (Ochamomizu etc) and will also check out rakuten with a friend when I arrive. Tnx
  6. Hi All, lookin to purchase a new board this season. What are the prices in Japan these days? I could get one here on sale for about $6-700 aussie. With the poor xchng right now, it may be best to get one here. Any thoughts?
  7. and another aussie as well!!! Ok, will pm u my number once I arrive and get one. Thanx.
  8. Hi All, I will be in Tokyo for a month, Jan 29 - Mar 01, and first couple of weeks I'm on holidays and am interested in catching some fresh stuff. Is there anyone on here looking for a travel buddy (no strings attached - lol)? From the 16th I'm working, but can do some weekends, perhaps. Hit me up in here if you're interested or know someone who might be.
  9. Ok, hired a car for 7000 yen. Heading to Nagano now. Need a lift, just call me. I'll most probably hit the mountain tomorrow too. Hakuba area.
  10. Can offer a few ppl a bed tomorrow night in return, perhaps. Not too sure of the rules with that. Can check if interested.
  11. Hi All, I'm staying at a friend's family lodge in Yamanashi. There is very little snow. Anyone passing through tomorrow morning or Fri to Nagano or other? It is a 10min drive from Kobuchizawa. Or, can someone suggest a nearby resort that has good snow. I don't mind hiring a car. You can get me on 09060641452(temp number so don't mind giving it here).
  12. Ok, so it's where you've put the underline. My GF is from Kagoshima, is that not far from there? She also surfs, so when we visit together, we're definitely checking that one out. Thanx again!!
  13. Bummer!!! Thanx for that. Will check it out when I get there, and if possible, great!
  14. Hi All, can anyone tell me if this is covered by the JR Rail Pass for foreigners? It's a goal of mine to take this train to Sapporo.
  15. Janus, if your flight arrives at 8pm, some rental places will wait for you to pick up the car, even if it's 8:30pm or so. Check out this site, http://www2.tocoo.jp/?file=rentcar_inbound/main I will also be visiting Japan Feb 15th (Osaka first) - Mar 1st. I'd be interested in sharing a car with you guys, to minimize the cost, if is suits us all, schedule wise. Hit me up if you wanna discuss it more. Cheers. coolboarderguy
  16. Hi All, anyone know the cost/travel time, from Shinjuku to either Niigata or Nagano areas.? On a rather tight budget.
  17. perhaps he can't afford the train.? How about answering the OP's question, or, not answering at all.? I'm also interested in info about buses, from/to Nagano/Niigata from Shinjuku. anyone got any info.? cheers. coolboarderguy...
  18. Hi All, what's this festival all about..? Any links on it in English..? Kinda curious, eh. Sounds wickedly, firery(lol)...cheers.
  19. Hi All, I guess so...unstable base, perhaps..? Anyone out there got some info on this..? Kinda curious. Cheers.
  20. Hi All, I would have thought "Main", would be the expressway by default..sorry for the confusion....traffic was fine...coupla little slow sections, but, otherwise, quite good. Cheers.
  21. Hi All, thanx for all the info. Little under 3hrs up, little under 2.5hrs back. Good day overall. Cheers. coolboarderguy...
  22. Hi All, nah, the lifts above the Kagura gondola were closed. Just didn't seem to be any reason for it. Wasn't too windy, from what we could tell. Cheers. coolboarderguy...
  23. Hi All, yesterday, at Kagura, the top lifts were closed. Very disappointing. Although it was snowing reasonably heavily, I didn't think it was that bad. Anyone else out that way who thiks the same. Perhaps it was worse up higher, but, still, seemed a little bit of an over-reaction. Other than that, though, a great day out. Cheers. coolboarderguy...
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