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  1. kinda obvious, but are you sure theres still kero in the tank? also, when mine reaches the desired temp it cuts off by itself then cuts back on then the degrees drop. kinda loud and annoying when i watch tv, but saves me from having to get up and turn it off when it gets too hot.

  2. i sometimes prefer the cones to the cream. i might have mentioned this on here before, but theres a diner back home where the original owner invented the ice cream cone. they still use the machine to make their cones and they are oishii- regular cone size, but have the waffle cone taste. you can buy plain cones- good for dessert if youre full or not in the mood for ice cream. sometimes you can get them hot off the machine- thats the best!

  3. dims- first had it in papua then picked some up when i was in australia. does it ever go bad? i dont eat it that often, so the big jar i have is way past the expiration date (by like a year). i also keep it in the fridge, but noticed it out on the shelf at my friends' houses. hmmm. also heard theres a diff btwn nz and uk marmite, that i think the nz stuff was a bit more vegemitey. yeah, i dont really understand all the nuances of these foodstuffs.

  4. i've seen both crowds and empty slopes so far this year. besides long waits at the quad at 47, lift lines havent been bad at all. but there have been lots of people on the slopes at hakuba. kinda frustrating bc i feel like i'm always slowing down to avoid people- couldnt get a supergood run. i'd rather have a long wait and a empty slope than short wait/crowded slope. solved the problem last weekend at nozawa by sticking mostly off piste. not too many people there.

  5. i've been getting too frustrated with my snowboard boots, especially with the one shrunken bootliner. so i'm looking for some new ones and i wanna get a really nice pair instead of going midrange like i've done in the past. so i searched the forum and got lots of ideas and went to the shops and tried on lots of stuff. the salomon f22s were the best fit and most comfortable. but i can't really get any info from the salomon site about the difference between the authentic and fusion lines, and i can't really communicate with the salespeople in the shops that carried salomon. they were marked down 20% for new years sales, so i feel like now is good time to buy. plus i dont know how much longer i can ride with my old ones. anybody have those boots or advice about them? thanks....

  6. ok, even though i said i'd be going to hakuba this weekend if it snowed, and it certainly has snowed, i changed my mind. i'm going to hit nozawa on saturday. anyone else?


    also i saw this on the now page...


    Since yesterday you can ski the whole Yamabiko area off piste on your own responsibility. Finally they opened the area under both Yamabiko lifts, go there for some fun in the trees.


    ... sounds good, can't wait!

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