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  1. yeah its def expensive to develop film here, esp b&w which i like, but how goods the quality of the printed digital pics? i'm not really familiar with how many megapixals translate to an alright photo. i just know the digital prints

    i've gotten from people have been pretty crappy.


    i do really like seeing friends' online albums. but i just look once, then forget about it.

  2. i've got a big-ass canon eos55. takes great pics when i'm on holiday, but so bulky that i cant take it everywhere. i usually use disposable cameras for nights out or on the slopes. not great quality but dont have to worry about losing it or dropping it or whatever.


    I'm not so interested in digital still cameras- great for emailing to lots of people but it seems unless you have a webpage they just get looked at once and then forgotten. i like to show off pics by putting them up on the wall or in the loo or make reprints to give to people.


    digital video on the other hand is way cool. can do lotsa editing and then record onto vhs tapes to share. so much fun to watch over and over.

  3. yeah but do you actually work hard during those 8 hours or slack off?? i usually take at least an hour or 2 a day just for sj and email. if dont have many classes or prep work to do, i can spend up to 6 hrs a day slacking off. man, my job is easy. but sooo boring!

  4. i wouldn't recommend getting a dvd one bc then you cant do any editing. theres always lots of crap you film that you want to cut out.


    i got an export e model last year. although it cost more, it has been nice to have the english manual and menu displays. had no problems figuring out how to do something new, like tape something from the tv.


    my camera's a sony- i think model number dcr-trv18 or something. i like it alot. the best part is the night vision. comes in handy a lot- really fun to film at parties or outside or wherever the light is dim.


    I'd recommend getting a horizontal model-longer than it is taller- much easier to hold and shoot.


    also, if you have a mac or plan to use imovie to edit, check the apple website for a list of camcorders that are compatible.


    happy shopping!

  5. did anybody hear about the speech gore gave recently? he made a good point-

    "Instead of spending enormous sums of money on an unimaginative and retread effort to make a tiny portion of the Moon habitable for a handful of people, we should focus instead on a massive effort to ensure that the Earth is habitable for future generations."


    he also says this about bush-

    "While President Bush likes to project an image of strength and courage, the truth is that in the presence of his large financial contributors he is a moral coward – so weak that he seldom if ever says “No” to them on anything – no matter what the public interest might mandate."

  6. yeah it was a lot of fun. didnt get there til after 8, so missed some of it. but found plenty of sake, ran into nofakie and fattwins and a bunch of friends (other nagano jets). the fighting was crazy- some of the guys were getting bloody and sooty. i def recommend going next year if you have the chance. oh and it was snowing- todays prolly a great day on the mountain.

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