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  1. but theres a diff btwn being stupid by wearing just-below-the-ass skirt in the cold so everyone can see your legs and having a little fun in a skirt. personally, i think they come in handy during the summer raves when the loos become disgusting. they offer a little privacy for the woods pee.

  2. if you are from the UK, Australia, or New Zealand it's no problem to change your country's license over to a Japanese one- I think you just need to take an eyetest and pay for paperwork. But if you are from the US or Canada, you have to take the really difficult behind the wheel test. they encourage you to shell out 6000yen/hour for lessons in order to pass the test. heard of people spending many man and failing the test over and over. i was lucky and took it during a period where a lot of JETs were changing over their licenses and i passed on my first go without any lessons.

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