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  1. its crazy how much damage second hand smoke can do.


    you can hear a report about it on npr.

    "The CDC warns people at risk of heart attack to avoid public places where there is second-hand cigarette smoke. The health advisory follows the publication of a new study in the British Medical Journal that found a smoking ban in Helena, Mont., led to a sharp drop in heart attacks there."

  2. my friend had a mate visiting from the UK and we actually went out searching for basashi (thats the word, yeah?). had to go to three different izikayas before we found one that served it and wasn't full. i thought it was pretty good- esp with lots of ginger. definitely a meaty sashimi taste.

  3. braces- you mean suspenders yeah? to hold up your pants... i mean trousers. in america braces are what straightens out your teeth.


    anyways to answer your q, i kinda like bow ties. i feel like i've written this here before, but at my high school (which was private) guys had to wear ties. there was a group of cool, older guys who wore bow ties a lot, so i think they're alright.

  4. i dont mind guys with beards but its gotta be soft. while the unshaven look can be hot, it can also hurt. during the growing out or infrequent shaving stage, those hairs are sharp yo! i had a raw, scabby chin for my college graduation eek.gif my parents wondered what happened between dinner and the ceremony the next day...

  5. i was at a j wedding where they did a huge junken game for money. everyone put 500yen in a pot to play. the bride was up on stage and played against the crowd. if you beat the bride's hand, you stayed. if she beat you, you had to leave the game. forgot what happened if you had the same as her. anyways, the crowd narrowed down to one winner who got all the money.

  6. the one in nagano was ombashira. i went to it the first weekend, but i heard the second weekend (where your pics are from) was better bc it was faster and more dangerous. however, my mate from that area told me two people died from injuries after falling off the log the first weekend. thought the fest was fun, but too much downtime waiting for something to happen.


    yp- you dont have to wait another 7 years. the second part of the festival is the first two weekends in may. i think thats when they raise the shrines or something wakaranai.gif

  7. "take it to the next level"

    i feel like i hear this way too much and it gets on my nerves.


    and after those mountain dew commericials way back, my parents and their friends would use "been there, done that" all the time. like they were trying to be hip.

  8. i dont think its as complicated as sounds. easter is on sunday. therefore you prolly been thinking about it and you prolly ate or associate cadbury creme eggs with easter. so you dreamt about cadbury cream eggs. if you've been thinking about how good and cremy they are, thats prolly why your head cracked open- just to visualize the instead of the egg oozing out. i dont think it has any deep meaning. maybe just that you miss cadbury creme eggs.

  9. the past coupla years i totally missed when easter happened. but today i did a lesson about easter with my special class. i told them the easter bunny is like santa claus but brings chocolate eggs, jellybeans, and candy instead of presents. then kids look for colored eggs outside on easter day. so in class we dyed eggs. the students had fun. i dont really care about all the religious stuff connected with easter so i didnt mention it.

  10. dreams are just your mind trying to sort thru the days' thoughts and experiences. theres so much info to process when youre awake, your brain works hard at night to make sense of everything you did and saw. the recent events activate somehow connected ideas that in turn activate other buried images and thoughts. then its mashed together. i dont believe that dreams reveal dark desires or whatever- things from movies, stories youve heard people tell, things you looked at but didnt notice, get warped into dreams. since it all happens subconsciously what ends up in your dream seems so strange. i love trying to figure how why certain bizarre images popped into my brain by thinking of what recent events could led me to it.

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