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  1. hey slow, sunrise, others-hows it going? being back in the us is nice, but definitely a lifestyle adjustment bc i'm in school and have no money. and i really miss nagano- esp now that its winter!! i was hoping to visit zwelgen in canada (she's a lifty at fernie this season) to get some riding in, but it doesnt look like its gonna happen " title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />


    and slow to answer your q- its at least 2 hours nozawa-hakuba by car. more (up to 3+ hrs) depending how fast you get thru nagano city and snow conditions. not sure if there's a shortcut thru kinasa/togakushi or something.

  2. havent been here in a while bc i moved back to the us and the dial-up connection at my parents house where i'm staying sucks. so sorry if this has already been posted...


    anyways, with the election coming up, i am feeling very political at the moment. want to make sure all you americans still in japan are registered to vote by absentee ballot. check out these voting help sites-


    Federal Voting Assistance Program



    To obtain a Federal Post Card Application go to:



    To get help filling out the FPCA please go here:



    no matter what your political views are, please please please vote!!!!!! i dont want to start some heated debate or anything. i just want to make sure as many people as possible voice their opinion when it really counts in november.



  3. the coolest thing about the olympics are the athletes. just the fact that they are the BEST in their country or in the world is amazing. they are the absolute top of that sport. i was really lucky in high school to be coached one year by a member of us field hockey team. she was so inspirational and i seriously think i played my best that year.

  4. i think its still illegal in the us, but you can get it here in japan. theres an absinthe cafe in osaka. i had a drink there and it didnt really do much. tasted like black licorice. would like to try it again, but have a few more.

  5.  Quote:
    Originally posted by frannyo:
    How many people use only internet based mail? Surely almost none. Certainly very few.
    really? i only use internet based mail- have accounts with hotmail, yahoo, and gmail. its easy to do lots of mail at work on the comps in the teachers room or when i travel. i have my own laptop, but i just use internet-based mail on it too. time to load isnt a prob bc most comps i use have fast connections.

    am i really one of the few who do?
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