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  1. Aussie simps fans...


    The season 3 on wards will be released on dvd box set as soon as channel 10 is done with the re-runs...

    i spoke to somone who worked for a tv company and you will notice there isnt re-runs of 1 and 2 cause they are already released and the rest will come when 10s done with wearing them out....!?


    made sense to me i dont know if its 100% correct but fingeres crossed its soon!



  2. I remeber somthing similar, it was called Triple M's House from Hell.

    they got like 12 contestants to live together but week after week theyd do somthing to them for instance, there was a week they were all chained together, there was a week with no cutlerly there was a week with no furniature (sp!) umm... there was a week that they were confined to one room etc. anyways so that was just outragous! it started it all - it was to do with a radio station (MMM) so u rang in to evict or to vote for ppl i think, anyways....

    thats my little reatily story.

  3. mmm.... mine would be up there in the late 30's i remember being in primary school and it the temp got above i think it was 35 or 40 we got to go home. well it didnt happen they didnt let us but we protested!! it was stinkin hot!


    but on the news thats nuthin! i hear it got up to 50degrees C in iraq! now thats NUTS!

  4. db's im hooked, reality tv... what can i say...

    the block the final show is on on sunday i'll keep you posted on who wins but.... but.... if they do this series again i will refuse to watch it if there isnt a brown haired girl on there... they are a bunch on la-dee-dar blondes and it is sooo lame... not the mention im soo sick to death of seeing the gay boys in their discusing y fronts or with nothin but an apron on... its AWFUL!

  5. yo sunrise good to see you again (pity its on a depressing note but)

    db's bet me to it i was going to suggest leaving shoes at your front door too.

    You'd assume that if you were going to be breaking in on someone you wouldnt knock on the door? mmm.. bizzare, they prolly were just after a bit of cash to get some petrol or somthing maybe you should start leaving change at your door!!


    hope your doing better now sunrise! dont stress it was ur lucky day that nothing more happen go get a lottery ticket!

  6. Hey all.


    Myself and Snowboard freak would like to do a season (work and play!) in the snow thiss year....


    But.. im having trouble working it all out, theres options for a student to get visas and things but the other sponsered visas most of the apps had to be in by july... left things a bit late.


    So i was wondering if anyone could help us out...


    Does anyone know ppl working in the USA or UK? (id say canada but the visa quotas are full) that could give us a helpin hand and push us in the right direction or give us some names or websites to visit and apply for jobs?


    any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!


    TA YALL!

  7. Yo orange!


    i have just come home for the weekend from perisher.

    i was there with snowbaord freak for a week (im going back for 3 weeks) its ok, the snow is reasonable we could do with a nother good dump soon its starting to get sticky and slushy.....

    its not to bad but, its very bussy - school hoildays - we have been hiking mth blue cow to get some decent snow, not to shabby after all but the gromers are SH I T E!!


    anwyays the next few weeks hopefully well get some snow...!!!

  8. Zwel! unreal!

    who did u apply thru, snowboard freak and i are looking at working in the us (co) this coming winter and the only company than can interview us here is www.iep.org.au

    and they only have access to like 5 resorts...


    what resort is it that u'll be working for??

    we have the options of working at copper, colorado mth express, park hyatt ?


    they are the places we can interview and apply for...


    anyone got anyother ideas on how to apply?!!? (remember we in oz)

  9. OI! - me being the "lady" snowboard freak was talking bout, my dog, spencer (the cocker spaniel) yes hes an over sized spaniel but he is soo cute! hes an aboslute lunatic but hes fun!!....


    i love spaniels, i have had a springer spaniel he was unreal (max) he died a while ago btu spencer is fun...


    i like long haired golden retrevers too...

    this is spenc


  10. ok the reason i use a mac over a pc....


    Macs when it comes to editing are i think easier to use you can use ur keyboard with short cuts theres no need to continually go between ur mouse and keyboard...


    (this is just my preferances)

    and they seem to run more smoothly with video footage (this is just from my experanices)


    Theres always competition to make the fastest computer its rediculas...


    as for games on macs... its a very poor selection...

    macs are made for graphics and editing rather than word processing and gaming.


    i dont wanna go in to the mac pc arguement so keep in mind the opionions above are just that "my opinions"



  11. i certainly am thinking bout trading in my imac for a G5!!!!

    i cant part with my lappy (g4 powerboook)

    but im not soo attached to my flowerpower imac!



    i will appreciate the g5'ness! will make editing so much quicker!! \:\)

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