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  1. here in oz just this week the scientists are doing a trial vaxcen (sp?) for HIV & AIDs.

    The way it works is if you have it then get this shot it will fight it off, apparently it is working 100% so far.

    It will be avaliable to public in a decade, but they are doing a trial in thailand too i think next year.


    Sounding pretty positive!

  2. yeah im not really grasping the concept of a beach being closed, theres lifeguards on duty at most beaches around sydney all year....

    they only time they are closed is if theres jellyfish or mega rips, you can still go out at ur own risk...


    i have the picture of a beach in japan with a picket fence up saying opening soon.... july 1!



  3. heya,

    I understand what you mean, my brother is adopted (sri lankan) and i always thought it was rude when people asked hows ur "black" brother? i mean if you dont know his name dont ask...or just your brother how is he?!


    Anyways too the point, its less offensive to ask, do you have dark skin? rather than black....


    or whats your background, where are your parents from or what nationality are you orginally... and soo on..! wakaranai.gif

  4. not superstitious at all but i get spooked sometimes just by shadows and dark driveways (like mine - which i run up if im alone!) and some other random things...


    I have more small "fears" than superstitions...

    ie, geting a paper cut on ur eyeball

    or the big wooden beem above my bed falling and chopping off my head!!


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