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  1. Heya,

    I work for EzyDVD (dvd retailer in australia) and we sold 37 star wars trilogys on its 1st day but we had taken 99 pre-orders. One of the other stores too 796 pre-orders!!!

    It was the most sort after DVD in the world apprenlty!

    We were very busy last week and yes lucasfilms is just milking every cent. They will be discontinuing the trilogy by christmas.


    Its just a crazy DVD world!

  2. Yo yall, this is just y i hardly ever post anymore. theres always someone ripping at someone else just cause we cant see you and its not face to face dsoent mean its not rude. read what you write twice and think mmm... maybe i'd be pissed if someone said that to me or no i think thats resonable.


    SF has booked the cheapest trip avaliable in sydney through one of the best snow travel agents in australia. So let it go... if you havent booked a trip from here then get over it an go bother someone else. ;\)

  3. Im shocked that it has happen but then again im like well the other candiated wouldnt have people voting for them cause they arent famous!!!

    If it was manditory to vote in america then things may have been different but hey only the "terminator" fans voted!


    meh - my opinion is its CRAZY! Im just glad i dont live there!!

  4. my family camps well my parents do.... they have since they have been retired the last sorta 10 years now! crazy! anyways dad hates it but just goes to get sloshed all week.. they start drinking at 10am everyday tehre out in the sticks!

    i havent been with them for a bout 7 years now...! i got oldenuff to stay home alone anywyas it was fun while it lasted we had a MASSIVE tent with 2 rooms and a foyer thing...! very classy but i wasnt too fond of showweing behind a tarp and with a little bag of hot water with a spout. mm... not fun!!

  5. god i cant believe that!! it was a bit of a pash!! this is what the trashy mags had to say about it all....


    Britney Spears says that while her parents got a thrill out of seeing her snog Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards, the pop star has promised she'll never kiss another woman again. "I've never kissed a woman before," says Britney. "I would not do it again." The star says the lip-lock was completely unrehearsed, and while it had been discussed before the performance she "didn't know it was gonna be that long and everything". She also didn't expect the kiss to create so much controversy, adding, "My mother thinks it was cool ... I think I'm still clean-living. I don't go home and have orgies or anything like that."

  6. I think that one of the most important things is to have been with someone else before you make you "choice" on who to settle down with.

    As long as you have expericanced that then theres no reason you shouldnt get married if you think its right and you have had someone to compare or make sure that you know what you have is perfect then bingo theres nothing stoping you... of course you need to be in love with them.. not just love them but be in love with them too.

    age is nothing in my opinion, i mean off course under 16 is silly and under 18 is illegal.



  7. bowling for colombine - no relevance except the "USA" whole cant live with out power cant live with out guns...



    on 2 levels...


    1. i is much harder for a country that is reliant on its elecy to operate with out it, countrys that dont have it are use to it and would be turned in to termoil if they had elecy....


    2. i dont think its such a huge deal i mean it was 12 hours big deal just grab a candle and play cards entertain ur self like they would have in the early 19th century and before. if you own a shop then go sit out front of it just cause theres no elecy that dseont mean u cant get in ur car and guard ur shop but the americans prolly didnt think of that i guess they just whinged they couldnt have light to find a torch.


    anyways im shocked that this has turned in to a minor debate....!


    neversummer and peaker, i hear ya!


    and mr matthews the aint-us Crap u speak off is only brought on by the usa making such huge deal about everything and the media being so full on and "oh my god i didnt have a hot shower for 12 hours!" cant the american public think about anything better than how they look. come on its all brought on by themselves.


    im all for the aint-us crap... oh that topic bush isnt the brightest man on earth hes just the leader of bowling for colombine - hes a war and gun monga... if its not iraq its nth korea if its not them then what....

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