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  1. People need structures and routine generally, thats why they would go back to their old job. Without a job to occupy your mind and time, you would soon be left question the purpose of your existence, what is happiness etc and would develop 'existential angst'. If you can overcome that then it would be great though, I'd like to be in a position to try but instead I gotta grind the grindstone.

  2. McDonalds actually has very good quality meat, better than in the supermarkets, because they have been busted so many times in the past and the authorities are strict on them. source: 'fast food nation' (book)


    If no-one ate beef, there would be no-one breeding cows and they would become extinct. They only exist cos we eat them. So I think its nonsense to say it is inhumane to eat beef because it kills a cow. By eating beef, we give life to many cows.

  3. we have had too many draws. watching the man city game i realised we dont have the winners luck of being able to grab lucky goals in the last minutes. if we start playing torres and crouch together every game ill feel like maybe we can do it this year, but i dont have confidence in kuyt or voronin to get a lot of goals.

  4. I just asked 3 japanese ppl who are all drivers and they said that in the eyes of the law it will be at least 90% your fault regardless of the situation because a cyclist is involved.


    I dont think anyone here can judge you unless they were there, however ultimately you were going too fast to avoid hitting them and that will always be an argument the cyclist can use against you.

  5. - get down to `normal` BMI - ie. lose another 5 kgs (2kgs done already since nov).

    - pass jlpt 2kyu (this was my resolution last year, i studied reasonably for it but am sure i failed it.)

    - `find myself a city to live in` i want to move one more time, hopefully the last time for 20 yrs until the kids finish school. not sure if that will be tokyo, london, australia, nagano, hawaii...

  6. "Miyazaki's films are beautiful and technically excellent, but a lot of the recent ones get way too preachy with regards to "let's saving the environment!" It's an encumberance that takes away a lot of the entertainment value for me. "


    I think Ghibli movies have always been like that though - e.g. Pompoko and Omohide poroporo. I agree its borderline preachy though, too sugary.

  7. I voted for:


    Only Yesterday (omohide pororo)

    Porco Rosso

    Grave of the fireflies


    I think Miyazakis movies are totally different to Takahatas. I prefer Takahatas more realistic style. Porco Rosso though is a good laugh so I added that in favor of the likes of pompoko which was lame.


    I saw another one, not a movie but set of short-movies called PANDA-GOPANDA - that was amazing, really trippy about some girl who gets adopted by a motherless family of bears.

  8. This is pertinent for me too, in 18 months I may hand in my gaijin card and try to get tax refund. I did that after 3 yrs on JET and it was fairly smooth, just took time and a j-friend. Being on JET they made sure it was a simple as possible for us with sub-50 IQs. \:D


    Just looked into this reciprocal thing with UK, its not clear to me how it affects me. If you read it, it explains what happens if you work for a company and it sends you to Japan (or vice versa) but it doesn't mention if you just go to Japan and find a job there.


  9. I think they will struggle to find someone who will pay 12M + for him. The only team dumb enough to stump up that kind of cash for him would be Newcastle :p I guess he may go to Man City, cant think of anyone else whod buy him...


    England has plenty of good managers - Redknapp being the obvious one. The problem is they need to be old - anyone youngish wants to be do the day to day work of a club manager. Theres no-one english who is the right age really, only Venables...

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