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  1. Good evening everyone,


    this is my first post on this Forum, which I discovered just a few weeks ago while planning my holidays in Japan. I will spend more than 1 week in the country (Tokyo to Osaka) and really wish to have a one-day ski trip.

    To date, it seems that the two options available for me - my ski trip should be on April 24th or 25th - are Gala or Kagura. I don't go off-piste, but I can run every slope. So, I have a few questions for you:

    - as in Europe it would be ridicolous to think of skiing at these elevations at this time of the year, what should I expect in terms of snow conditions?

    - which resort do you think will be in better conditions?

    - in your opinion, is it better to make a return trip from Tokyo in the same day, and once back in the capital heading to Kyoto, or getting to Echigo-Yuzawa at evening, spending the following day skiing and after that coming back to Tokyo and then Kyoto?

    - any advices on where to sleep/eat/rent stuffs? I checked some reviews, but fresh news are welcome!


    Thank you very much for your replies, I'm really excited to visit Japan, and as living in Shanghai I missed the whole ski season in Europe, I'm sure I will have an amazing day on the snow! :)

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