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  1. Yeah happy to meet up. Looks like I'm off to Hokkaido, just booked flight to arrive 26th March morning, so hopefully hitting it after lunch some time. So yeah a partner in crime would be good! Still sifting through my dates and plans etc. So where do you think you'll be from 26th March onwards? Stoked as just saw some new snow (January like) and should be continuing for the rest of the week - go snow spirits go!!!
  2. Hi Thanks for the comments/advice. Have been checking out the daily reports regularly and still see that there is a dusting from time to time and the occasional drop. After reading some other threads I'm still a little confused as to where best to go? If I travel from Osaka to Sapporo, its going to take all day on the train to get up there and that's one less day skiing! Is going further north, increasing my chances of better snow/skiing, or are there other areas that are just as good? Being a little demanding on you folk to predict the snow gods moods, sorry. Just
  3. Hi I just wanted some general advice on where to go etc. My ski trip to Canada last year has me completely and utterly hooked on the pow pow, so I can’t get enough of it and try and get away when I get spare time. Especially from stinking hot Darwin!! Have heard great reports of Japan and decided that was the next skiing destination. I arrive in Osaka on the 25th March and leave on the 7th April. I know this is well towards the end of the season and am pleading with the divine snow spirits to send some late season flakes. A mate recently pulled out of the trip so I am so
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