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  1. The first year it's open they're offering a 20% discount. I think I paid about $1500(AUD) for 7 nights accom in a 2 bedroom including all mountain lift pass and snowboard hire. I reckon that's reasonable. Looks pretty nice. Can't wait to get there.
  2. Not long to go now. Does anyone have any info on how the height/weight/snow board size thing works???
  3. Perfect! Milk and bread......oh and I'll have a pair of ski pants too please! I went to the Billabong and Quicksilver factory outlets and seconds shop and scored some good deals. If you have them over in WA it's certainly worth a look. Having not snowboarded in years, what sort of money would I be looking at to buy a new snow board? How does the height/weight/board size thing work?
  4. TB I don't mind a beer or 20 mate so I think I'll leave the fresh tracks to you and Snowhuntress. I'm looking forward to this sensory overload you're talking about. I've done quite a bit of travel but never to Japan. I haven't had time off work for 2.5 years so this is going to be a blowout. What's the go with speaking Japanese??? Can you get by with out knowing much??? Also, would you's recommend buying a snowboard for the trip or hiring one when I get there?
  5. Yeah we're going from BRISBANE/NARITA then NARITA/CHITOSE. Other than that I don't really know. Is Chitose close to Niseko??? I haven't really done any research at all yet but I think our package also includes transfers from the airport to Niseko. We are arriving on the 20th Dec and staying till the 3rd of Jan. We booked some accom in Tokyo from the 30th till 2nd as well because we might spend new years eve there instead of Niseko. We'll decide when we're over there. Leaving Japan on the 6th Jan, spending 2 days back at home on the coast then going to Fiji on a surfing trip
  6. Yeah it should be good at the Vale. I haven't snowboarded for over 10 years so it should be interesting. I'm hoping I'll pick it up again in a hour or so. So Snowhuntress, what is the best thing about Niseko??? We were originally planning on going to Canada but changed our minds to Niseko at the last minute.
  7. We got the 3 bedroom with private onsen so I hope it will be finished. I've never been to Niseko before so how difficult is it to get between Grand Hirafu, Higashiyama and Annupuri?
  8. Does anyone know how the progress of The Vale is going in Niseko? I'm heading over there for a couple of weeks at the end of Dec and early Jan and the website looks like it's a long way off being finished.
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