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  1. Originally Posted By: Mamabear
    You wouldn't happen to be a bored electrician would you Inner Muppet?

    I could do with an electrician.

    I have 1/4 of my house without power, and the electrician's last statement yesterday as he left - with no plan to return. "I can't fix it".

    Suddenly ordering snowboards online with free shipping became a lot less important...

    Oh dear! Sorry, no Mamabear. Good luck with it!

    Originally Posted By: ippy
    Half this thread has been about me trying to address the questions of whether or not im a rep instead of dealing with the actual subject matter of the OP.

    Ever considered that there might be a reason for that?
    Anyway lets move on.
  2. I'm bored at work so had the Who's Online page on for the last few hours. Quite interesting actually.


    ippy, I have noticed you have been hawk-eyeing this one thread many (many!) times in the last few hours even when people haven't posted anything new in it. At the same time, apparently not looking at any other threads.


    Seems that it's real important to you.


    Interesting page that Who's Online. wink

  3. Still sounds like that! lol


    Most of which I find are just more about getting more money out of you rather than really making much of a difference to lifestyle.


    But people like and want different things and surely the value of a product or service and what it 'adds to their lifestyle' is purely for each person to decide. Just because you don't like some fancy melody set as your phone tone (or whatever) and you can't understand that other people might want to pay 100 yen (or whatever) for the privilege doesn't mean it has no worth. I find lots of them a bit ridiculous myself, but some people obviously like these things.


    Aren't most companies in this world doing things "just about getting more money"? I'm sure I have read you state that before yourself.


  4. I just love the google maps thing on mine. It has proved to be very useful more than a few times.


    That new Xperia looks sweet. Interested to know what the apps are like on android phones.


    This whole discussion sounds like a boy tying to explain 'new fangled' tech to his crankly old grandad, who just hasn't got a clue but at the same time isn't interested either and already knows what he thinks.



    It took me a while to get a phone and only recently an iphone. I have since learned that it is one of those things that you really need to actually touch and use to really 'get'.

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