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  1. Originally Posted By: Ezorisu
    If you got a Club Med membership, I hear the one at Sahoro is ace. Lots of activities for the young'uns.

    We are actually members of Clubmed and were leaning towards that kind of vacation. We went to Clubmed in Ishigaki Island in Okinawa and loved it! So maybe this will be an option since we got spoiled from the service of them. But we were wondering if there were other options similar to CM?

    At 20,000 yen a night per person I guess it's really not bad considering you get food, lift ticket and hotel all included... and oh yeah booze too.

    Would love to hear more suggestions from personal experiences with families!


  2. My family and I want to go to a ski resort this winter. My son is 2 and my and I snowboarders. We are looking to have a resort where they might have a babysitting service, a kids park for kiddy things to do and other family oriented things.

    Night skiing would also be a nice option too.


    We are open to your suggestions and all we ask is if it's close an airport (1-2 hours ok) by bus after we arrive.


    The problem I have is there are so many choices and it's like choosing a diamond in the rough....


    We are based in Fukuoka which has no ski mountains around so flying is our best option.


    Thanks and I look foward to your replies!



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