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Yamagata Expressway

The Yamagata Expressway begins at the Murata JCT with the Tohoku Expressway in Miyagi Prefecture and heads west into Yamagata Prefecture towards Yamagata City and beyond to Gassan. Beyond that point to Yudonosan IC, the expressway is currently incomplete, with Route 112 making up the bit in between the two sections. The northern section eventually connects with the Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway in northern Niigata Prefecture.

The Yamagata Expressway is often used to get to:
Yamagata Zao

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Yamagata Expressway
Interchange Exits, Junctions, Parking Areas and Services Areas on the Yamagata Expressway between Murata JCT in Miyagi Prefecture and Tsuruoka JCT in Yamagata Prefecture

IC = Interchange; JCT = Junction; PA = Parking Area; SA = Service Area; SIC = Smart IC exit

Name Prefecture Distance from Murata JCT Notes
Murata JCT 村田JCT Miyagi
>>> Tohoku Expressway
Miyagi Kawasaki IC 宮城川崎IC 10.4km  
Furuseki PA 古関PA 18.2km Parking Area
Sasaya IC 笹谷IC 22.3km  
Sekizawa IC 関沢IC Yamagata
Yamagata Zao IC PA 山形蔵王IC・PA 35.6km Parking Area and Exit
Yamagata Kita IC 山形北IC 41.9km  
Yamagata JCT 山形JCT 46.5km Tohoku Chuo Expressway
Sagae IC 寒河江IC 53.0km  
Sagae SA SIC 寒河江SA・SIC 55.9km Service Area and Smart IC exit
Nishikawa IC 西川IC 67.0km  
Gassanko PA 月山湖PA 81.3km Parking Area
Gassan IC 月山IC 83.5km  
Currently national Route 112 road connects Gassan IC and Yudonosan IC
Yudonosan IC 湯殿山IC Yamagata
Shonai Asahi IC 庄内あさひIC 114.4km  
Kushibiki PA 櫛引PA 117.5km Parking Area
Tsuruoka IC 鶴岡IC 128.3km  
Tsuruoka JCT 鶴岡JCT 130.1km Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway

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