Regional train line connections

Train line connections

Train line connections from in the central Japan region - concentrating on the lines that get us to the snow! Click on the train line names or links below for more detailed information on each train line. Please note that some train lines have been omitted for clarity.

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Joetsu Shinkansen Tokyo Station > Niigata Station (Niigata)
  Hokuriku Shinkansen Tokyo Station > Kanagawa Station (Ishikawa)
  Tohoku Shinkansen Tokyo Station > Shin-Aomori Station (Aomori)
  Tokaido Shinkansen Tokyo Station > Nagoya Station (Aichi)
  Local train lines
  Agatsuma-sen Shibukawa Station (Gunma) > Omae Station (Gunma)
  Hokuhoku-sen Muikamachi Station (Niigata) > Saigata Station (Niigata)
  Iiyama-sen Toyono Station (Nagano) > Echigo Kawaguchi Station (Niigata)
  Joetsu-sen Takasaki Station (Gunma) > Nagaoka Station (Niigata)
  Kita Shinano-sen Nagano Station (Nagano) > Myoko Kogen Station (Niigata)
  Myoko Haneuma Line Myoko Kogen Station (Niigata) > Naoetsu Station (Niigata)
  Nagano-sen Nagano Station (Nagano) > Yudanaka Station (Nagano)
  Oito-sen Matsumoto Station (Nagano) > Itoigawa Station (Nagano)
  Shinano Tetsudo-sen Karuizawa Station (Nagano) > Shinonoi Station (Nagano)
  Shinetsu Honsen Takasaki Station (Gunma) > Niigata Station (Niigata)
  Shinonoi-sen Shiojiri Station (Nagano) > Shinonoi Station (Nagano)

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