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Nagano Expressway

The Nagano Expressway runs through the central region of Nagano Prefecture. The expressway begins near Lake Suwa at Okaya JCT where it connects with the Chuo Expressway, and heads north past Matsumoto City and then through a mountainous region with lots of tunnels and curves heading towards Nagano City.

The expressway officially ends at Koshoku JCT, from where the road continues as the Joshinetsu Expressway.

The Nagano Expressway is often used to get to:

The Hakuba area of Nagano Prefecture
Other regions of northern Nagano Prefecture
The Joshinetsu Expressway continuing past Nagano City and resorts in that region including Sugadaira, Shiga Kogen, Nozawa Onsen, Myoko Kogen and Madarao.

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Nagano Expressway
Interchange Exits, Junctions, Parking Areas and Services Areas on the Nagano Expressway between Okaya JCT and Koshoku JCT in Nagano Prefecture

IC = Interchange; JCT = Junction; PA = Parking Area; SA = Service Area; SIC = Smart IC exit

Name Prefecture Distance from Okaya JCT Notes
Okaya JCT 岡谷JCT


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Okaya IC 岡谷IC 3.7km  
Midoriko PA みどり湖PA 8.4km Parking Area
Shiojiri IC 塩尻IC 10.9km  
Shiojiri Kita IC 塩尻北IC 17.6km  
Matsumoto JCT 松本JCT 22.6km  
Matsumoto IC 松本IC 25.8km  
Azusagawa SA SIC 梓川SA・SIC 29.1km Service Area and SIC
Azumino IC 安曇野IC 33.1km  
Chikuhoku PA 筑北PA 52.8km Parking Area
Omi IC 麻績IC 56.3km  
Obasute SA SIC 姨捨SA・SIC 63.6km Service Area and SIC
Koshoku IC 更埴IC 74.9km  
Koshoku JCT 更埴JCT 75.8km Joshinetsu Expressway

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