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Furano by car

Furano City is located in central Hokkaido, between the Tokachi and Yubari mountain ranges. Furano is a popular year-round tourist destination. Apart from the famous ski resort, the area is famous for it's lavender fields and other flowers.

The Kitanomine base of the ski resort is located about 3km from Furano Station and just 1km from Route 38 at it's nearest point, while the Furano base is around 6km from the station.

Furano by car
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Furano by public transport
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Getting to Furano by car

  Main expressway and exits:  

  Hokkaido Expressway (toll road) 道央自動車道
  Takikawa IC 滝川IC
  Mikasa IC 三笠IC
  Doto Expressway (toll road) 道東自動車道
  Shimukappu IC 占冠IC
  Main roads:  
  Route 38 国道38号

From Shin Chitose Airport

Furano is about 125km from Shin Chitose Airport. From the Airport, head north on Route 337 for about 10 minutes (10km) to the Chitose Higashi IC exit of the Doto Expressway. Take the expressway east for around 65km and exit at the Shimukappu IC. At the Shimukappu IC exit, turn right onto Route 237 (also known as the Furano National Highway) and just over 1km further on the road turn right to follow the road north.  After about 30km turn left onto Route 38 and follow the road signs into Furano.

Chitose Higashi IC to Shimukappu IC about 64km 1,860 yen

From Sapporo

From the Sapporo IC on the Hokkaido Expressway to the north east of the city centre, travel north east towards Asahikawa, exiting the Expressway at the Takikawa IC. From the Takikawa IC exit, turn left onto Route 38 to head towards Ashibetsu and Furano. Route 38 goes directly through (and beyond) Furano.

>> Takikawa IC to Furano: about 53km
>> Sapporo IC to Furano via Takikawa IC: about 134km

Alternatively, exit the expressway earlier at the Mikasa IC and take Prefecture Road 116 for just over 18km and then Route 452 (known as the Yubari National Highway) for just under 24km where there is a right turn onto Prefecture Road 135 to head towards Furano. Although this is nearer in terms of distance and it uses less of the expressway, it can be more of a challenge in mid-winter conditions than the easier drive from Takikawa IC.

>> Mikasa IC to Furano: about 64km
>> Sapporo IC to Furano via Mikasa IC: about 106km

To avoid the expressway altogether, take Route 12 from Sapporo towards Mikasa/Takikawa.

Sapporo IC to Mikasa IC about 42km 1,270 yen
Sapporo IC to Takikawa IC about 81km 2,310 yen

From Asahikawa

From Asahikawa City to the north of Furano, head south using Route 237. Furano is clearly signposted from Asahikawa.

>> Central Asahikawa to Furano: about 58km

Route Finder

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Hokkaido Expressway
Hokkaido Expressway from New Chitose Airport IC
>> Full Hokkaido Expressway details
Exit name Distance from Sapporo JCT Connections
New Chitose Airport IC 新千歳空港IC 38.8km  
Sapporo JCT 札幌JCT >>> Sasson Expressway
Sapporo IC 札幌IC 0.5km  
Takikawa IC 滝川IC 81.2km  
Asahikawa Takasu IC 旭川鷹栖IC 125.8km  
Doto Expressway
Doto Expressway from Chitose JCT
>> Full Doto Expressway details
Exit name Distance from Chitose JCT Connections
Chitose JCT 千歳JCT >>> Hokkaido Expressway
Chitose Higashi IC 千歳東IC 12.6km  
Shimukappu IC 占冠IC 76.6km  
Tomamu IC トマムIC 102.8km  

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Getting from Furano to nearby snow resort regions

Region Approximate distace by road General directions
Furano to Daisetsuzan Kurodake
about 115km By car:
Head up to Asahikawa City using Route 237 and then take Prefecture Road 140 towards Aibetsu. At Aibetsu join the Aibetsu Kamikawa Road and continue to Kamikawa Sounkyo. Exit the road and get onto Route 39 and head towards Sounkyo.
Furano to Niseko, Rusutsu and Kiroro
about 210km By car:
The Niseko resorts are located to the west of Sapporo city just over 200km from Furano.

The most convenient way to get there is to take the Hokkaido Expressway back to Sapporo, changing over to the Sasson Expressway at Sapporo JCT. After about 35km, exit the expressway at Asari IC exit. Turn right at the exit, and after a few hundred metres turn right again onto Prefecture Road 956. After about 4km, turn left onto Route 393 (also known as the Askaigawa National Highway).

The road turn off for Kiroro resort is about 17km along this road. 

For Niseko (and Rusutsu), continue on Route 393 towards Kutchan which is clearly signposted.

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