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Doto Expressway

The Doto Expressway connects the central region of Hokkaido with eastern regions of the northern island. Starting to the south of Sapporo and the north of Shin-Chitose Airport, the expressway heads east to Honbetsu JCT where it splits into two.

The name of the expressway comes from the words 'Hokkaido' (北海) and 'East' (). The Doto Expressway is one of the least used expressways in the whole of Japan. 

There is a speed limit of just 70km/h on this expressway.

The Doto Expressway is often used to get to:
Ski and snowboard resorts to the east of New Chitose Airport including Furano
List of ski resorts in Hokkaido

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Doto Expressway
Interchanges, Junctions, Parking Areas and Services Areas on the Doto Expressway between Chitose JCT and Ashoro IC in Hokkaido

IC = Interchange; JCT = Junction; PA = Parking Area; SA = Service Area; SIC = Smart IC exit

Name Prefecture Distance from Chitose JCT Notes
Chitose JCT 千歳JCT Hokkaido


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Chitose Higashi IC 千歳東IC 12.6km  
Kiusu PA キウスPA 14.5km Parking Area
Oiwake-cho IC 追分町IC 21.9km  
Yuni PA 由仁IC 29.3km Parking Area
Yubari IC 夕張IC 42.1km  
Mukawahobetsu IC むかわ穂別IC 56.5km  
Shimukappu IC 占冠IC 76.6km  
Shimukappu PA 占冠PA 80.0km Parking Area
Tomamu IC トマムIC 102.8km  
Tokachi Shimizu IC 十勝清水IC 123.7km  
Tokachi Heigen SA 十勝平原SA 138.6km Service Area
Memuro IC 芽室IC 140.9km  
Obihiro JCT 帯広JCT 145.3km  
Otofuke Obihiro IC 音更帯広IC 152.4km  
Osarushi PA 長流枝PA 165.5km Parking Area
Ikeda IC 池田IC 174km  
Honbetsu JCT 本別JCT 191.2km  
Honbetsu IC 本別IC 193.0km  
Urahoro IC 浦幌IC 201.0km  
To the north from Honbetsu JCT:
Ashoro IC 足寄IC Hokkaido
13.1km from Honbetsu JCT  

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