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Akita Expressway

The Akita Expressway starts at the Kitakami JCT of the Tohoku Expressway and heads in a westerly direction into Akita Prefecture. Parts of the road are not actually officially 'expressway' but rather 'national highways' - but the whole length is generally known as Akita Expressway.

The section between Hachiryu IC and Futatsui Shirakami IC is toll free. There are plans to extend the road beyond the current end point.

The Akita Expressway is often used to get to:
Ski resorts in Akita

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Akita Expressway
Interchanges, Junctions, Parking Areas and Services Areas on the Akita Expressway between Kitakami JCT in Iwate Prefecture and Futatsui Shirakami ICin Akita Prefecture.

IC = Interchange; JCT = Junction; PA = Parking Area; SA = Service Area; SIC = Smart IC exit

Name Prefecture Distance from Kitakami JCT Notes
Kitakami JCT 北上JCT Iwate
>>> Tohoku Expressway
Kitakami Nishi IC 北上西IC 8.7km  
Kinshuko SA 錦秋湖SA 21.4km Service Area
Yuda IC 湯田IC 30.3km  
Sannai PA 山内PA Akita
Yokote IC JCT 横手IC・JCT 50.6km Yuzawa-Yokote Road
Omori PA 大森PA 68.9km Parking Area
Omagari IC 大曲IC 71.5km  
Nishi Senboku SIC SA 西仙北SIC・SA 88.0km Service Area and Smart IC exit
Kyowa IC 協和IC 95.4km  
Kawabe JCT 河辺JCT 103.8km Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway
Akita Minami IC 秋田南IC 106.7km  
Taiheizan PA 太平山PA 117.9km Parking Area
Akita Kita IC 秋田北IC 122.9km  
Showa Ogahanto IC 昭和男鹿半島IC 132.4km  
Gojome Hachirogata IC 五城目八郎潟IC 143.5km  
Hachiroko SA 八郎湖SA 150.4km Service Area
Kotooka Moritake IC 琴丘森岳IC 153.1km  
Hachiryu IC 八竜IC 166.1km  
Noshiro Minami IC 能代南IC 170.2km  
Noshiro Higashi IC 能代東IC 176.7km  
Futatsui Shirakami IC 二ツ井白神 186.7km  

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