Start exploring SnowJapan

Start exploring SnowJapan

With some great resorts, consistently great snow conditions, often massive amounts of snow, good runs and facilities, Japan is becoming more and more known as a top skiing and snowboarding destinations.

Japan is an interesting country to visit anyway, but the ability to enjoying your favorite winter sports as well? Brilliant.

The choice of where to go might be difficult, but a bit of research will make it all worthwhile.

We hope that you put SnowJapan to good use in planning your Japan visit.



Introduction to Japan winter sports

Part 1 Japan?
Part 2 History of skiing in Japan
Part 3 Ski boom and bust
Part 4 Snowboarding and the inbound market
Part 5 Downturn
Part 6 Where to ski or snowboard in Japan?
Part 7 Skiing and snowboarding in Hokkaido
Part 8 Skiing and snowboarding in Tohoku
Part 9 Skiing and snowboarding in Niigata
Part 10 Skiing and snowboarding in Nagano
Part 11 Other snow regions of Japan
Part 12 The Japan ski and snowboard experience
Part 13 The expense of skiing and snowboarding in Japan
Part 14 The Japan ski and snowboard season
Part 15 Japan ski resort facilities
Part 16 Japan ski resort opening and closing
Part 17 Japan safety
Part 18 Start exploring SnowJapan!