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Yodel Snow School
Myoko Kogen, Niigata Prefecture
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Yodel Snow School was first established in 1960 and introducing people to the deep snow of Myoko region ever since. Yodel Snow School offers professional training of skiing and snowboarding techniques, as well introducing Myoko back-country. The school also offers snow-shoe tours, allowing you can experience the profound quietness and majesty of the mountains, away from the ski runs. The highly qualified professional instructors at Yodel Snow School will guide you around the many and varied ski runs, and help you develop your skills and to increase your enjoyment of winter in Myoko.

Private Lessons for Adults The best way to quickly improve your technique is with a private lesson. Our professional instructors will help you to reach your personal goals, with fully tailor-made lessons. Advanced reservations are highly recommended
Private Lessons for Children Start with a good foundation.....we strongly recommend a personalised lesson for your little ones. Guided by our experienced instructor just for him/her, your little one will quickly gain confidence in and master the slopes safely.
Groupl Ski Lessons for Children Our motto is simple - the most important thing is that skiing should be fun! We organize the program for every level of our little guests' ability (age 7-14). While giving these little ones a memorable experience of the ski fields around Myoko, we ensure they learn the important techniques and rules of skiing, based on the twin principles of safety and having fun.
On-Piste Guided Tours of Akakura The Akakura ski area covers a huge area. There are many great scenic viewpoints, a great variety of individual slopes and runs, and an old and interesting history to enjoy.
Back(Side) Counry Tours We take you on a guided off-piste tour to give you a Natural Snow experience of Myoko.
Snowshoe Tours Our experienced Nature Walk Guides will be very happy to introduce you to the winter wonderland that is Myoko Kogen. Minimum 2 persons
Race Training The Yodel Ski School Race-Training Program is designed to cater for all levels of skier, and we think you will enjoy a thrilling experience on the race course!
Multi Resort Guided Tours The Myoko region has a number of different snow resorts - we offer you a private guided tour to the each of the resorts.
International Ski Tests We offer International Ski Tests every day and they are a great way to evaluate your own skiing. Whether beginner or expert, everyone will receive a medal and certificate!

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Phone: +81 (0) 255-87-2232
E-mail: book@yodelsnow.com
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Address 549-57 Akakura, Myoko-shi, Niigata-ken, Japan