Introducing TAKASU MOUNTAINS (Gifu)
Gujo, Gifu Prefecture


Six ski and snowboard resorts in the popular Takasu region of Gujo city in Gifu Prefectue have come together for the 2019-2020 season as 'TAKASAU MOUNTAINS'. The region is particularly convenient for people in the Kansai region - for example Nagoya - and it is also less than an hour from Takayama and Shirakawago. A joint lift ticket is available as well as a shuttle bus service.

Takasu Mountains Tickets 2019-2020

Ticket type
Adults Child Senior discount
1 Day Ticket 5,400 yen 3,000 yen -900 yen
2 Days Ticket 9,700 yen 5,400 yen -1600 yen
3 Days Ticket 14,400 yen 7,800 yen -2100 yen

The lift ticket is valid at the following ski and snowboard resorts:

Dynaland  :  Takasu Snow Park  :  Hirugano Kogen  :  White Pia Takasu  :  Washigatake  :  Gujo Vacance Village


For more information on each of the individual ski resorts, please check the links below

More details and 6-day forecasts
Takasu Snow Park
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Hirugano Kogen
More details and 6-day forecasts
White Pia Takasu
More details and 6-day forecasts
More details and 6-day forecasts
Gujo Vacance Village
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Free Shuttle Bus around base areas
A free shuttle bus connecting the ski resorts is available from 21st December 2019 until 22nd March 2020



The ski and snowboard resorts of TAKASU MOUNTAINS are located in the northern region of Gujo city.
Gujo is in Gifu Prefecture, to the north of Nagoya and to the south of Toyama and Ishikawa.

By Highway Bus
Highway bus from the Nagoya region

Bus Tours
Bus tours from Nagoya, Takayama and Mieare also available.

By Car
The ski resorts are all within easy reach of the Takasu IC and Hirugano Kogen SA Smart IC exits of the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway:

Takasu IC

Washigatake 5 minutes

Hirugano Kogen
SA Smart IC

Gujo Vacance Village 5 minutes
Dynaland 10 minutes Hirugano Kogen 5 minutes
Takasu Snow Park 15 minutes Takasu Snow Park 10 minutes
White Pia Takasu 15 minutes White Pia Takasu 10 minutes
Gujo Vacance Village 20 minutes Dynaland 15 minutes
Hirugano Kogen 25 minutes Washigatake 20 minutes