Ski and snowboard resorts in Shimane (4 total)

Resort Name Town Top Bottom Vertical Steepest Slope Ski Course Ski Lifts Reviews Photos My Resorts
Asahi Tengston Snow Park Hamada 1063m 553m 510m 30° 7 5 1 --
Kotobiki Forest Park Iinan 720m 540m 180m 25° 7 3 -- --
Miinohara Oku Izumo 886m 736m 150m 25° 11 2 -- --
Mizuho Highland Ohnan 1212m 491m 721m 38° 13 7 7 25

When snow depth data is shown in the above table, please view the individual resort pages for time stamps - during the early season and the late season, the date of the latest update may differ for individual resorts.