Resort Spotlight: Okushiga Kogen (Shiga Kogen, Nagano)

Okushiga Kogen
Shiga Kogen, Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture
Skiers and snowboarders - everyone welcome!

Introducing Okushiga Kogen...part of the world-famous 'Shiga Kogen' interconnected resort area

Shiga Kogen is the the collective name of the largest interlinked ski and snowboard resort area in Japan, and is one of the most popular and loved ski resorts in the country.

Located in the north eastern part of Nagano Prefecture, and about 45km to the east of central Nagano City, Shiga Kogen is comprised of numerous ski and snowboard resorts that share the same lift ticket and are - for the most part - lift connected up making for a truly huge skiable area that needs a number of days to cover. There's no need to take various shuttle buses or bother with different lift tickets to use the lifts at Shiga Kogen.... just strap on the skis and snowboard and slide on the snow - you can ski for literally hours without repeating a run.


The extensive Shiga interconnected resort area that is Shiga Kogen. (Okushiga Kogen seen at the top left area of this image).

Okushiga Kogen is one of the ski areas, in the northern area of Shiga Kogen. Shiga Kogen as a whole is renowned for excellent light powder snow conditions, and especially so in the Okushiga Kogen area. If you are looking for quality light powder snow conditions...look no further!  Okushiga Kogen often boasts some of the best snow available. If you plan to stay a number of days, you can enjoy the varied courses at Okushiga before checking out the connecting Yakebitaiyama area and beyond, and ski or snowboard right through to the Sun Valley area of Shiga Kogen.

The hotels at base - including the Okushiga Kogen Hotel - are ski-in, ski-out and located close to the base lift of Okushiga Kogen giving you immediate access. Surrounded by the silent and stunning beauty of the snowy mountains, Okushiga Kogen is the perfect place to base your Shiga Kogen stay. Daytrippers can alternatively choose to park at and start their day using the Okushiga Kogen Gondola.

You might get to see some wild monkeys and other animals playing around in the snow, but if you don't you can always go down to the famous Jigokudani Monkey Park which is just 30 minutes away from Okushiga Kogen. Taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the valley is another way that people enjoy their time at Okushiga Kogen.

There are many reasons why skiers have been coming back to Okushiga Kogen year after year. Come and find out for yourself why this coming season...

Okushiga Kogen has always been about pure skiing! Since the 2015-2016 season, Okushiga Kogen has also been welcoming snowboarders to the slopes.  Everyone is welcome. 

Courses Length Slope Gradient  
Course No 1
900m 6 - 8 degrees This course is ideal for beginners and children taking their first steps
Course No 2 Expert
630m 23 - 30 degrees This one of the steeper slopes with fine snow conditions lasting late into the spring season
Course No 3
600m 13 - 16 degrees A good area for practicing located at the top of Mt Yakebitaiyama. Take a moment to take in the views on a clear day
Course No 4
400m 12 - 16 degrees Practice cruising and technique on Course No 4
Course No 6 (weekends only)
700m 8 - 9 degrees Course No 6 is good course for beginners and children - lots of trees surrounding the run
Downhill Course
2200m 19 - 28 degrees The longest course with three seperate areas suitable for different skill levels.  Be sure to enjoy the stunning panoramic views!
Hillside Course
820m 10 - 17 degrees Hillside can be found off to the side of the Downhill Course
Kuma-otoshi Course
400m 20 - 30 degrees 'Kuma-otoshi' name literally means 'Drop the bear' and this is the steepest slope with ungroomed snow
Course 'Forest'
1200m 10 - 17 degrees A detour course to the side of Course 2

Kid's Course Forest
This course is for kids only and found between the lift and slope at the base of the resort. Look out for the wild animal footprints! 

Kids Park
The Kids Park is conveniently located at the base of the resort with various items available for children to play with including snowsleds and scoops.  Entrance costs 500 yen.

Kids Room
This free facility can be found on the 2nd Floor of the Okushiga Bus Terminal and is free to use.

* Any specific opening dates for the 2015-2016 season will be added when available.

...and remember, Okushiga Kogen is just one part of the massive Shiga Kogen area!



Perfectly located by the base of the resort in a ski-in ski-out location close to the base lift, Okushiga Kogen Hotel is one of the well-known hotels of the whole region and offers comfortable stays and a wide variety of fine cuisine. For more information on the Okushiga Kogen Hotel please view the information on SnowJapan or the hotel website.


Snow Candy Child Care

The Snow Candy child care facility is located in the Okushiga Kogen Hotel. It is open from 9:30am until 12:00pm and from 1:30pm until 4:00pm (closed over lunch time). Rates for the 2019-2020 season are as follows:

Below 1 year old:
Half day JPY4000 / Full day JPY7400

1 year old:
Half day JPY3500 / Full day JPY6600

2 years old - 5 years old:
Half day JPY3300 / Full day JPY6400

5 years old and up:
Half day JPY2800 / Full day JPY5500

Snow Sauna & Igloo

4 people can use this facility for 90 minutes at a charge of 3,000 yen (reservations required). For reservations please contact the front desk of the hotel.


How to get to Shiga Kogen and Okushiga Kogen

Okushiga Kogen is located in the northern area of the famous Shiga Kogen resort area of northern Nagano Prefecture.

By train:
Take the Nagano Dentetsu line from JR Nagano Station to the terminal Yudanaka Station (45 minutes). From there take the bus up to Shiga Kogen and Okushiga Kogen (55 minutes).
A Shiga Kogen Express bus is also available directly from the East Exit of Nagano Station (1 hour 45 minutes).

By car:
From the Shinshu Nakano IC exit of the Joshinetsu Expressway, take Route 292 up to the Shiga Kogen area. Turn towards Ichinose and Okushiga at the Hasuike junction in Shiga Kogen and follow the road round to Okushiga Kogen. Okushiga Kogen is about 38km from the Shinshu Nakano IC expressway exit.

>> Click here to see location on map and use Route Finder to find your way to Okushiga Kogen


Shiga Kogen Lift Tickets
Valid across all of the Shiga Kogen resorts
21st December until March 31st
For full details please visit the Okushiga Kogen website

  Adult (19-59 years) Senior (60 and over)
Student (13-18 years)
Child (0-12 years)
4 Hour Pass 4,800 yen 4,100 yen 2,400 yen
1 Day Pass 5,500 yen 4,700 yen 2,700 yen
2 Day Pass 10,500 yen 8,900 yen 5,200 yen
3 Day Pass 15,500 yen 13,100 yen 7,700 yen
4 Day Pass 20,500 yen 17,300 yen 10,200 yen
5 Day Pass 25,500 yen 21,500 yen 12,700 yen
6 Day Pass 30,500 yen 25,700 yen 15,200 yen
7 Day Pass 35,500 yen 29,900 yen 17,700 yen
8 Day Pass 40,500 yen 34,100 yen 20,200 yen
9 Day Pass 45,500 yen 38,300 yen 22,700 yen
10 Day Pass 50,500 yen 42,500 yen 25,200 yen
Early / Spring 1 Day Pass 4,600 yen 4,200 yen 2,300 yen
Early / Spring 2 Day Pass 8,900 yen 7,700 yen 4,500 yen

When preschool aged children are accompanied by a paying adult, one pre-school aged child per paying adult can enter free of charge.
The multiple day passes can be used on non-consecutive days during the 2019-2020 season.
The early season pass is valid until 20th December 2019.
The spring season pass is valid from 1st April 2020.

Ski Children's Day
15th December 2019, 19th January, 16th February, 15th March, 19th April 2020
On the above days, 1 day free pass for children 12 and under.

Enjoy some of that!