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2017-2018 season rates below

Celebrating a century since opening the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort, the Nozawa Onsen Ski School proudly continues to spread the joy of skiing and snowboarding to those new to the sport, as well as helping old hands develop their techniques. For international guests we have a team of professional international instructors from around the world. No matter how young or old, new or experienced, we offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. Contact the Nozawa Onsen Ski School to see what we can offer you!

2017-2018 season lessons and rates

Group Lessons

Our group ski and snowboard lessons will help you to learn to ski/snowboard or to fine tune your techniques with other guests of similar ability.

Group lessons for very first timers are run daily for infants, children and adults for both ski and snowboard.

Group lessons for other ability levels may be available depending on instructor availability.

For more information, please come to the front desk at the Hikage Ski Center during reception hours.

Age Group Full Day Course Morning Course
(15 yrs+)
14,000 yen per person
(4.5 hours)
10:00am - 12:30pm
1:45pm - 3:45pm
10,000 yen per person
(2.5 hours)
10:00am - 12:30pm
(7-14 yrs)
15,000 yen per person
(4.5 hours + lunch)
10:00am - 3:45pm
10,000 yen per person
(2.5 hours)
10:00am - 12:30pm
(4-6 yrs SKI ONLY)
17,000 yen per person
(4.5 hours + lunch)
10:00am - 3:45pm
11,000 yen per person
(2.5 hours)
10:00am - 12:30pm

> Available from Dec 16th - March 25th (other times private lessons only)
> Full day lessons for kids and infants includes a meal and staff member looking after them for the lunch break
> Minimum number for a group lesson to run is 3 people
> Some lessons may combine age groups to make up minimum numbers
> Please see ability levels before you make a booking

Age Class Level Number of participants
4-6 years Infant (SKI ONLY) Up to 4
7-14 years Kids Up to 8
15+ years Adults Up to 12
Note Class levels may combine in some situations


> 3 yr olds can participate in private lessons.
> Age groups may be mixed with smaller numbers of participants or with similar ability levels.

Private Lessons

Make the most of your time on the slopes with a private lesson. You pay per instructor so you can decide how many people you would like in your group (up to 8 people) and customize the level to your participants. This is the BEST way to improve fast with more time working on your skills. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced skier looking to improve on technique or get rid of bad habits we have an instructor that will suit your needs.

Instructors are limited so it is recommended to make a booking well in advance.

Time Lesson Times Price
5 hours 9:00am - 3:30pm 45,000 yen
AM 2 hours 9:00am - 11:00am OR 10:00am - 12:00pm 24,000 yen
Lunch 2 hours 11:15am - 1:15pm 24,000 yen
PM 2 hours 1:45pm - 3:45pm 20,000 yen
PM 3 hours 12:45pm - 3:45pm 30,000 yen


> Available from Dec 2nd - April 15th
> Private lessons are priced as per instructor dispatched (not per participant)
> Maximum of 8 participants
> Please see ability levels before you make booking.


The school is open for enrolments from 8:30 am until 5 pm daily. We strongly advise booking in advance in peak seasons (Dec - Feb) The desk can become very busy for morning sign ups, so we recommend coming in early..

Lesson Ability Levels

The following ability levels show what skills you will be working on at each level. If you can already perform the skills at a level proficiently please proceed to the next level.


Skiing Snowboarding
1 First time skiing First time snowboarding
Stopping in wedge
Turning in wedge
Controlling speed and stopping
Going left and right on one edge at a time
3 Linking wedge turns confidently
Riding a chairlift
Doing C turns
Riding a chairlift
4 Making skis parallel at the end of the turn
Keeping skis paralel for at least half the turn
Doing S turns
Making turns of various shapes and sizes on green runs
5 Keeping skis parallel always on green runs
Being confident on red runs with your skis parallel
Making S turns on easy red runs
Carving on green and blue runs
Easy freestyle (eg 180's, grabs, boxes)
6 Making carved turns on red runs
Doing short turns
Skiing black runs, moguls and off-piste
Carving on red and black runs
Snowboarding on moguls or off-piste
Advanced freestyle


Please note that these lessons may be full depending on the number of instructors available and the number of pupils enrolled on that day.

Nozawa backcountry tours

Nozawa's only English backcountry guide service!

Make the most of your powder time at Nozawa by hiring a professional mountain guide to safely guide you around Nozawa's backcountry.  BC tours are the best way to learn about Nozawa and surrounding area stashes and our crew of highly experienced international guides will ensure you have an amazing day!

We keep the group sizes small to maximize the riding time and freshies! It is best if you have a group with ability levels that are relatively close so we can customize the terrain for you.

If you like exploring then make the most of your time by booking multiple days and we can show you around some of the hidden gems at other nearby resorts. (Other resort trips only available for those booking more than 1 day of tours.)


For more information, please go to the official Nozawa Onsen website here

Nozawa Onsen Ski School
Nozawa Onsen, Nagano Prefecture
Official website