Resort Spotlight: Kagura (Yuzawa, Niigata)

Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture

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Kagura is located in Yuzawa town, Niigata Prefecture and famous for great powder snow for a long season ever year due to its high altitude. The ski area also has easy access to the backcountry area that attracts expert riders from all over the world.

Kagura is divided into three areas, Kagura, Tashiro and Mitsumata. The central Kagura area is got to either from Tashiro or Mitsumata, both of which have a Ropeway from base car parks by the main Route 17 road.

Due to Kagura’s high altitude (1,800m), the resort receives an abundant amount of light dry powder snow and has the longest ski season in Japan. On-piste terrain offers plenty of trails for beginners and intermediates, and powder lovers will enjoy the ungroomed trails and tree runs which are easily accessed from the lifts. Some of Japan’s most exciting backcountry terrain is also accessible from the top of Kagura.

Kagura is also connected to the famous Naeba resort via the one of the worlds longest gondolas called the Dragondola (as well as resort area shuttle buses).

Planned Kagura Season 2018-2019

23rd November 2018 until 26th May 2019 (Kagura & Mitsumata)
8th December 2018 until 6th May 2019 (Tashiro)

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TrailSlope AngleLength
Kagura Area
Intermediate Kagura Park 15° 10° 100m
Intermediate Kagura Main Trail 27° 16° 1,200m
Intermediate Tashiro Connection Trail 32° 15° 550m
Intermediate Panorama Trail 20° 15° 700m
Intermediate Kagura Mogul Trail 30° 16° 200m
Advanced Technical Trail 29° 20° 450m
Advanced Giant Trail 27° 17° 1,100m
Advanced Expert Trail in the forest 30° 18° 700m
Tashiro Area
Beginner Gondola East Trail 13° 1,000m
Beginner Tashiro Alyeska Trail 15° 10° 1,300m
Beginner Tashiro Ladies Trail 15° 1,050m
Beginner Shirakaba Trail 12° 10° 650m
Beginner RakuRaku Trail 10° 650m
Beginner High-Speed # 1 Connection Trail 1,120m
Beginner Skyline Trail 15° 1,150m
Beginner Kamoshika Trail 18° 12° 450m
Beginner Kagura Connection Trail 17° 800m
Beginner Tashiroko Trail - - -
Beginner Friendly Trail - - -
Intermediate Dynamic Trail 27° 14° 950m
Intermediate Intermediate Trail 22° 11° 450m
Intermediate Tashiro Trail No.1 27° 19° 300m
Advanced Challenge Trail 32° 23° 500m
Beginners Beginners Park 15° 10° 150m
Mitsumata Area
Beginner Family Trail 18° 11° 1,050m
Beginner Gondola Trail 20° 4,000m
Beginner Gondola Line 20° 10° 650m
Intermediate Competition Trail 20° 13° 800m
  Mitsumata Area 51s Park 20° 13° 600m

ifts, Ropeways & Gondolas

Lift Name

CapacityLengthOperation Hours
Tashiro Ropeway 101 2,175m Weekdays 8:00am - 5:00pm
Weekends 7:30am- 5:00pm
Tashiro Pair Lift # 1 2 358m Weekdays 8:15am - 4:30pm
Weekends 7:45am - 4:30pm
Tashiro Pair Lift # 2 2 1,059m Weekdays 8:15am - 4:30pm
Weekends 7:45am - 4:30pm
Tashiro Pair Lift # 4 2 902m Weekends only 8:15am - 3:30pm
Tashiro Pair Lift # 6 2 649m Weekdays 9:00am - 3:00pm
Weekends 8:30am- 3:00pm
Tashiro Pair Lift # 7 2 946m  
Tashiro Pair Lift # 8 2 319m Weekdays 9:30am - 3:00pm
Weekends 9:00A.M- 3:00pm
Tashiro High-Speed Lift # 1 4 1,386m Weekdays 8:45A.M - 3:30pm
Weekends 8:15am- 3:30pm
Tashiro High-Speed Lift # 2 4 902m 9:00am - 3:30pm
Kagura Pair Lift # 1 2 517m  
Kagura Pair Lift # 3 2 1,147m  
Kagura Pair Lift # 4 2 687m Weekdays 9:30am - 3:10pm
Weekends 9:00am- 3:10pm
Kagura Pair Lift # 5 2 670m Weekdays 9:30am - 12:00pm noon
Weekends 9:00am- 12:00pm noon
Kagura High-Speed Lift # 1 4 1,200m Weekdays 8:30am - 3:30pm
Weekends 8:00am- 3:30pm
Kagura Gondola 6 3,132m Weekdays 8:15am - 4:00pm
* The last Gondola to the top is 3:15 pm
Weekends 7:45am- 4:00pm
Mitsumata High-Speed Lift # 1 4 1,059m Weekdays 8:00am - 4:15pm
Weekends 7:30am- 4:15pm
Mitsumata High-Speed Lift # 2 4 794m Weekends nly 8:30am - 4:30pm
Mitsumata Pair Lift # 2 2 433m Weekdays 9:00am - 4:30pm
Weekends 8:30am- 4:30pm
Mitsumata Pair Lift # 3 2 339m  
Mitsumata Ropeway 121 823m Weekdays 8:00am - 5:00pm
* The last Ropeway to the top is 3:30 pm
Weekends 7:30A.M- 5:00pm
Dragondola 8 5,481m 9:00 am - 3:30 pm



'Dragondola' - Japan's longest gondola

A 25-minute ride takes you from the Tashiro area of Kagura to the nearby Naeba ski resort. The gondola also operates in the summer and fall months, used by people looking at the autumn leaf colours, forest viewers, and other nature lovers.

Naeba Prince Hotel is the large hotel located right at the base of Naeba, offering ski-in ski-out access to the slopes. For more information on the Naeba Prince Hotel please view the information on SnowJapan or the hotel website.

>> More information on Naeba here <<


How to get to Kagura

Kagura is located in Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture. The Mitsumata Ropeway station is about 20 minutes from the central area of Yuzawa town.

By train and public transportation:

Take the Joetsu Shinkansen train direct from Tokyo Station to Echigo Yuzawa Station, which is in central Yuzawa Town. The train usually takes around 70-85 minutes depending on which train service you take. From Echigo Yuzawa Station, take the shuttle bus direct to either the Mitsumata Ropeway or Tashiro Ropeway base.

8th December 2018 until 31st March 2019
Echigo Yuzawa Station
East Exit
Mitsumata Ropeway Tashiro Ropeway
7:35am 7:55am 8:05am
8:35am 8:55am 9:05am
8:50am* 9:10am* 9:20am*
9:35am 9:55am 10:05am
10:45am 11:05am 11:15am
11:15am* 11:35am* 11:45am*

- To Mitsumata Ropeway: Adults - 380 yen, Children - 190 yen
- To Tashiro Ropeway: Adults - 530 yenl 270 yen
- Add 100 yen for skis or snowboard equipment and/or large luggage.

* Operates only on Saturdays, holidays and between 29th December 2018 and 3rd January 2019.

By car:

Kagura is about 15 minutes drive from the Yuzawa IC of the Kanetsu Expressway (toll road) on Route 17. Turn left from the exit to head up towards the Mitsumata Ropeway or Tashiro Ropeway... both are just by the side of the road and well signposted.


Lift Tickets 2018-2019 Season

Kagura offers various types of lift tickets including the Mt. Naeba Joint Lift Ticket, which covers both Kagura and Naeba, as well as lift tickets valid for Kagura only. SEIBU PRINCE CLUB members are eligible for a 500 yen discount on lift tickets!

Mt. Naeba Joint Lift Ticket (includes Naeba & Kagura)

1 Day Lift Ticket Open - 5:00pm
(22 Dec 18 – 24 Mar 19)
Adult ¥5,700
Senior ¥5,000
Student ¥4,300
Child Free
Seasons Pass (includes Naeba, Kagura, and Hakkaisan) 23 Nov 18 – 6 May 19 Adult ¥87,000
Senior ¥72,000
Student ¥60,000

Kagura Only Lift Ticket (includes Kagura, Mitsumata, Tashiro)

1 Day Lift Ticket Open - 5:00pm Adult 4,700 yen 4,200 yen
Senior 4,200 yen 3,700 yen
Student 3,800 yen 3,300 yen
Child Free Free
2 Day Lift Ticket Open -
5:00pm of 2nd day
Adult 8,800 yen -
Senior 7,800 yen -
Student 7,000 yen -
Child Free Free
Half Day Lift Ticket Open - 1:00pm
Adult 3,500 yen -
Senior 3,000 yen -
Student 2,600 yen -
Seasons Pass (Kagura only) 1 Nov 17 – 27 May 18 Adult 77,000 yen -
Senior 62,000 yen -
Student 50,000 yen -

Kagura Ski Resort Gondola Ticket

Regular Lift One Ride 500 yen Free
Kagura Gondola Round Trip 1,800 yen Free
One-way 1,200 yen Free
Mitsumata Ropewa Round Trip 1,100 yen Free
One-way 700 yen Free
Tashiro Ropeway Round Trip 1,500 yen Free
One-way 1,000 yen Free

* Free lifts for children 12 yrs. and under
* Student: 13 yrs. - 15 yrs. (Student ID required)
* Senior: 60yrs. and older (ID required)


Kagura Rental 2018-2019 Season

Skis, snowboard, and ski wear equipment rentals are available at both Mitsumata Station and Tashiro Station in Kagura. Backcountry skis, snowboard, and avalanche equipment are also available at Kagura Powder Station in the Mitsumata parking lot.

1 Day RentalEquipment &
Wear Set
Skis or
BootsPolesSki Wear
Adult 6,200 4,200 2,800 2,100 500 3,100
Senior 5,200 3,700 2,800 2,100 500 2,900
Student 13-18 yrs. 5,000 3,500 2,800 2,100 500 2,800
Child under 13 yrs. 3,000 2,000 1,500 1,000 300 2,000
2 Day RentalEquipment &
Wear Set
Equipment SetSkis or
BootsPolesSki Wear
Adult 9,300 6,300   3,150 750 4,650
Senior 7,800 5,500 4,200 3,150 750 4,350
Student 13-18 yrs. 7,500 5,200 4,200 3,150 750 4,200
Child under 13 yrs. 4,500 3,000 2,250 1,500 450 3,000
3 Day RentalEquipment &
Wear Set
Equipment SetSkis or
BootsPolesSki Wear
Adult 12,400 8,400 5,600 4,200 1,000 6,200
Senior 10,400 7,400 5,600 4,200 1,000 5,800
Student 13-18 yrs. 10,000 7,000 5,600 4,200 1,000 5,600
Child under 13 yrs. 6,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 600 4,000


Restaurants on the ski hill

 Tashiro Area

Restaurant Alm
Enjoy lunch in a Scandinavian atmosphere. In front of Tashiro Gondola Summit Station

Restaurant Alyeska
A western style restaurant popular for beef stew. At Lake Tashiro.

Curry House Shirakaba
Choose your favorite dish from various types of curries. Open on weekends only.

Tonkatsu Bunanoki
Try popular tonkatsu, pork cutlet, with a rice bowl or set menu.

Ramen Corner
A ramen noodle specialty shop. Open weekends only.

Kagura Area

Wada Goya
A mountain hut on the ski area offers simple and tasty food such as udon and ginger pork.

Restaurant Kagura
Enjoy the popular steak lunch and beef curry. 1st floor at the Kagura Gondola Summit Station.

Restaurant Spur
A casual restaurant with a good view of ski area. Curry and pasta are recommended.

Kagura Ramen Corner
You can enjoy ramen noodles and gyoza, as well as curry. Open on weekends only.

Mitsumata Area

Café Restaurant Snowman
A stylish restaurant with big windows offers good steaks.

Restaurant Mitsumata
Relish authentic Chinese cuisine in a wide, comfortable space.

Jacky’s Cafe
A casual cafe popular for burgers, tacos and clam chowder.


Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture