Resort Spotlight: GALA Yuzawa (Niigata)


GALA Yuzawa
Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture

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12th December 2020 - 5th May 2021

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Welcome to GALA Yuzawa - powder snow within easy reach from central Tokyo! You can leave Tokyo early in the morning and actually be on the slopes riding the powder snow before 8:30am.

GALA Yuzawa offers a selection of challenges for all levels of skiers and snowboarders as well as playing in the snow activities for children.
You can also take lessons in English, Chinese and Thai as well as Japanese!

Where is GALA Yuzawa?

GALA Yuzawa is located close to the centre of Yuzawa Town in Niigata Prefecture - about 200km to the north of Tokyo. Each season huge amounts of snow falls in this region and GALA Yuzawa often enjoys excellent snow conditions - the base is at an altitude of 800m.

How do I get to GALA Yuzawa?

By train you can easily get to GALA Yuzawa by using the Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) direct from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station to GALA Yuzawa Station (or nearby Echigo Yuzawa Station).  By car, take the Kanetsu Expressway to Yuzawa I.C.  The base of GALA Yuzawa is located about 3km from Yuzawa I.C. 

Gala Yuzawa is separated into three separate areas called the Northern, Central and Southern areas. Each of these areas have their different features with their own appeal.

The Central area is located directly opposite the Rest House Cheers at the gondola mountain station. This area is the most conveniently located closest to the majority of restaurants, the sled area and the snow activities making it popular among families. People who are not skiing or snowboarding may also access the Bell of Love observation deck via chairlift from this area.

The Northern area is home to an expanding, dynamic view and perfectly groomed slopes. This area has a bit of something for everyone, from ungroomed snow to groomed beginner runs and even a bit of a practise area labelled “the dojo” for the enthusiasts looking to try or practise rails, boxes and small jumps.

The Southern area is perfect for the people chasing all that powder. Mainly consisting of ungroomed slopes, surfing fluffy powder has never been easier. The courses in this area can be challenging for intermediate skiers, so people who are looking to expand their horizons, this is going to be the softest spot!

If all this is not enough, Gala Yuzawa is connected to the two adjacent mountains via a chairlift and a ropeway. Travel smoothly, as it was the same ski resort, from the Northern Area to the Ishiuchi Maruyama via chairlift and be whisked away to Yuzawa Kogen via ropeway in the Southern Area. Tickets which also include both these mountains are also available.

Learn to ski or snowboard - lessons in English, Chinese and Thai are available.

2020-2021 Course Map
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2020-2021 Lift Tickets

19th December 2020 until 28th March 2021
12th-18th December 2020
19th December 2020 until 5th May 2021
Adult Child Senior Adult Child Senior
Gala 1 Day 5,200 yen 2,600 yen 4,400 yen 4,200 yen 2,100 yen 3,600 yen
Gala 2 Day 8,000 yen 4,000 yen 6,800 yen 6,400 yen 3,200 yen 5,500 yen
Gala AM 4,200 yen 2,100 yen 3,600 yen 3,400 yen 1,700 yen 2,900 yen
Gala PM 4,200 yen 2,100 yen 3,600 yen 3,400 yen 1,700 yen 2,900 yen
PM3 2,200 yen 1,100 yen 2,000 yen 1,800 yen 900 yen 1,500 yen
Gondola 1 Day 2,000 yen 1,000 yen 2,000 yen 2,000 yen 1,000 yen 2,000 yen

Season tickets:
A number of tickets that are available for longer periods are also available:

Valid all season: Adult - 42,800 yen; Child - 21,400 yen
Valid from 1st February until 5th May 2020: Adult - 33,600 yen; Child - 16,800 yen
Valid from 1st March until 5th May 2020: Adult - 23,000 yen; Child - 11,500 yen
Valid from 1st April until 5th May 2020: Adult - 12,800 yen; Child - 6,400 yen

Three Mountain ticket:
These tickets are valid at Yuzawa Kogen and Ishiuchi Maruyama as well as Gala Yuzawa.


2019-2020 Ski & Snowboard equipment & wear rental

  1 DAY 2 DAYS
STANDARD GRADE Adult Child Adult Child
Ski Set
Skis, boots, poles
5,000 yen 3,000 yen 7,500 yen 4,500 yen
Snowboard set
Snowboard, boots
5,000 yen 3,000 yen 7,500 yen 4,500 yen
Wear set
Jacket and pants
4,000 yen 2,500 yen 6,000 yen 3,500 yen
Expert Ski Set
Skis, boots, poles
7,000 yen - 10,500 yen -
Expert Ski 2 Set
Skis, poles
5,500 yen - 8,500 yen -
Expert Snowboard Set
Snowboard, boots
7,000 yen - 10,500 yen -

* Sleds and long boots are also available for rental - 1,500 yen for one day or 2,500 yen for two days.

Skis 140cm - 170cm 70cm - 150cm
Snowboard 130cm - 160cm 90cm - 120cm
Ski boots 22.5cm - 33.5cm 15cm - 24cm
Snowboard boots 22.5cm - 31.5cm 20cm - 22cm
Wear XS -XXXL 90cm - 150cm
Long boots 15-28cm

Getting to GALA Yuzawa

Getting to GALA couldn't be much easier from the Tokyo region with the base building housing both a train station and the Gondola to the slopes! The resort is located close to the center of Yuzawa Town in Niigata Prefecture.

By Train

Take the Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station and within 80 minutes you can be at GALA Yuzawa Station and minutes away from boarding the Gondola up to the slopes and powder snow - the station and gondola are in the same building!  (Actual travel times will depend which train is used).

There are two Shinkansen stations in Yuzawa town - the main 'Echigo Yuzawa Station' and the resort's own winter-only 'GALA Yuzawa Station'.  If you take the train to Echigo Yuzawa Station, free shuttle buses are available to take you on the 5 minute ride to GALA Yuzawa snow resort.

GALA Yuzawa provides a regular (free) Shuttle bus for people already in Yuzawa or getting off at the Echigo Yuzawa Station. The bus can be taken from the East exit of Echigo Yuzawa station as well as other stops on the way. Please note that at times of extreme weather conditions, buses may run later than their scheduled times.

By Car

From Yuzawa IC on the Kanetsu Expressway toll road, turn right into Route 17.  After about 2-3km you will see the GALA Yuzawa station on your left hand side, and soon you will also see a GALA signpost on the side of Route 17 - turn left here and you will soon be at GALA - just 5 minutes from the IC.

Car parking is free this season.


GALA Yuzawa
Yuzawa Town, Niigata Prefecture

Official website