Spotlight: Aizu Ski Japan (Tohoku)

Introducing the region

Aizu is a beautiful mountainous area of the Tohoku region in northern Japan - located to the north of Tokyo and within easy reach of the capital city.

The region is home to over twenty individual ski and snowboard areas and they offer a big choice of terrain, often excellent powder snow conditions.... and also often un-crowded slopes! The region is known within Japan but not yet so much with overseas visitors. There are two main areas within the region where ski resorts can be found.

Each offers a different feel and experience:

The Aizu Area
The ski areas in the Aizu Area are located to the north of Lake Inawashiro, around or near Mt. Bandai and. Mt Adatara. Popular resorts include Hoshino Resorts Alts Snow Park & Resort, Grandeco Snow Resort, Inawashiro and Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Snow Park & Resort.

The Minami Aizu Area
The ski areas in the Minami Aizu Area are located over a wider region to the south-west of Lake Inawashiro. Takatsue, Daikura and Takahata may be somewhat off the beaten track, but that in itself is one of their attractions for some. You won't be having any problems with lift-lines!

For a full list of ski resorts in the region, see below.

Snow Quality
The number one reason why the ski resorts of the Aizu region are popular with skiers and snowboarders is without a doubt the quality of the snow. Low water content and high altitudes means the slopes across the region often enjoys quality dry powder snow.

Aizu Wakamatsu City
Aizu Wakamatsu city is a good place to stay and also enjoying delicious traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. There are also cultural attractions and traditional experiences to enjoy.

Getting There
Narita Airport and Haneda Airport near Tokyo are just a few hours away by train. The Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station takes about 80 minutes to get to Koriyama Station, and then a local train can get you straight to Aizu Wakamatsu.

Aizu is the western region of Fukushima Prefecture. Of course, the events of March 2011 brought the name 'Fukushima' into the news for lots of negative reasons. The ski resorts of Aizu are located considerably to the west of the eastern coastline. If you are worried about this, please do check out this official information page and read this leaflet (PDF file) for the latest official information.

Ski Resort Name
(Alphabetical order)
Town Top
Further info
Adatara Kogen Nihonmatsu 1,350m 950m 33 Details
Aizu Kogen Daikura Minami Aizu 1,200m 838m 38 Details
Aizu Kogen Nango Nango 1,000m 510m 37 Details
Aizu Kogen Takahata Minami Aizu 1,240m 720m 34 Details
Aizu Kogen Takatsue Minami Aizu 1,650m 943m 36 Details
Fairy Land Kaneyama Kaneyama 775m 470m 32 Details
Family Snow Park Bandai X2 Inawashiro 780m 580m 26 Details
Grand Sunpia Inawashiro Resort Inawashiro 1,200m 760m 33 Details
Grandeco Snow Resort Kita Shiobara 1,590m 1,010m 33 Details
Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort Tenei 1,280m 950m 26 Details
Hoshino Resorts Alts Snow Park & Resort Bandai 1,280m 700m 29 Details
Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Snow Park & Resort Kita Shiobara 1,337m 1,026m 33 Details
Inawashiro Inawashiro 1,255m 675m 34 Details
Listel Ski Fantasia Inawashiro 871m 598m 37 Details
Minowa Inawashiro 1,500m 1,050m 34 Details
Nihonmatsu Shiozawa Nihonmatsu 925m 709m 35 Details
Numajiri Inawashiro 1,220m 850m 30 Details
Oze Hinoemata Onsen Hinoemata 1,050m 900m 35 Details
Sannokura Kitakata 780m 570m 22 Details
Ski Resort Tenei Tenei 870m 700m 38 Details
Tadami Tadami 550m 400m 28 Details
Ura Bandai Kita Shiobara 1,200m 900m 35 Details

Please note that Aizu Kogen Takahata is a skiing-only area: snowboarding is not allowed.
Skiing and snowboarding is allowed at all of the other ski areas.