Important information about the ski resort listings on SnowJapan

About the resort information on SnowJapan 

Ski resort for the 2018-2019 season will be updated as soon as possible - mostly during the period September-November

Our brand-new Japan ski resort pages (sample here : all Japan listings here)

We hope that you like the new resort pages on SnowJapan. They have essentially been completely re-made from scratch and we have been working on them since the end of 2015. A large amount of new information and data has been added to that pages, so please do take some time to look through them all.

Keeping our information up to date

It is our intention to keep all of the information presented on SnowJapan correct and up-to-date. From now on, details for every ski hill throughout Japan will be checked at least twice a year (with the main update being pre-season).

Individual ski hills and resorts do not update their information directly to SnowJapan, and most of them also do not inform us of any changes. That means that in most cases we are not made aware of any changes and also that we need to continually check information manually. There are about 500 ski hills throughout Japan, and so that process takes a lot of time and it means that it may take a while for us to update any particular piece of information. It is also worth noting that many ski hills themselves only update their 'new season' information in November and December.

If you do notice information on SnowJapan that you believe to be out-of-date or in need of checking, please help by contacting us and letting us know about it - we will look into it and amend if necessary. We are always grateful for the support.

More about some of the information on the resort pages

Resort introduction
We have added a new text introduction for every ski hill/ski resort. Sometimes the introduction will just give an idea of general location, though some offer much more detail. Nearby and connected resorts as well as the region with links to our Travel section when available are also featured. These introductions will be reviewed every year and may change as we make updates. If you feel that you have some interesting general information about a resort or ski hill, please do let us know and we will consider adding it to the introduction.

Snow depth statistics
The snow depth data - displayed where available - is the official snow depth number that ski resorts publish. SnowJapan has no direct control over this data. The 'latest season' and 'previous season' data is displayed on the main resort pages... and any further available historic data is shown on the new 'Snowfall' page.

The brand-new 'Snowfall' tab
For more detailed snow depth statistics and graph, be sure to click on the brand new 'Snowfall' tab at the top of each resort page. All available data for previous seasons is displayed on these pages. Also, check the 'Snowfall Analysis' tab on our exclusive daily Now reports for further snowfall data, charts and graphs.

Lift tickets prices
Ski resorts often offer different types of lift tickets and prices usually varying by ages. The lift prices shown are generally the prices for the main season. Note that some resorts offer reduced lift ticket prices in the early season and late season periods and some also offer cheaper tickets for weekdays. Many also offer cheaper lift tickets for children and seniors. Note that the school year in Japan starts in April and children who have their 6th birthday on or before April 1st enter elementary school that year:
- Elementary School students: 6 to 12 year olds (6 years)
- Junior High School students: up to 15 year olds (3 years)
- Senior High School students: up to 18 year olds (3 years)

Season tickets
Many ski resorts offer season tickets that are valid every day of the season, or for a specified period within the season. 'Early-bird' discounted rates for these tickets are often available when they are purchased in the months leading up to the winter season. The season ticket prices shown on the site are - unless otherwise noted - the 'normal' prices. If you are considering buying a season ticket, we advise checking with the resort in advance.

Planned opening and closing dates
Some resorts announce fixed (planned) opening and closing dates for the season. Some announce a fixed opening date and just a general idea of when they plan to be open until - for example, until late March. Others don't announce any fixed opening dates at all in advance. Where possible, we have added specific opening and closing dates announced by resorts. Snowfall is of course sometimes a factor and so there may be early (or late) openings and early (or late) closings. 

Night skiing
Night skiing in Japan is known as 'nighta'... and that is how we like to refer to it on SnowJapan! 'Nighta' is when ski resorts open during the evening or night, with some or all of their slopes lit up by large floodlights. It depends on the resort but usually only a selection of the slopes are open for nighta - not the whole area. Unfortunately, less resorts now open for nighta than did back in the 80's and 90's. Some stopped nighta completely while others cut back and now only opening for nighta on weekends and holidays. Having said that, there are still a fair number that do offer nighta. It can be a fantastic experience, especially after a fresh fall of snow.

Other ski resorts in the nearby region
These are ski and snowboard resorts that are within (generally) 50km by road.

Accommodation Spotlights
On some resort pages, links to hotels and other accommodation will appear on the right hand side of the page. These are accommodations that are featured in the Places to Stay section of SnowJapan and generally located within 25km of the resort. If you know an accommodation that would like to be featured within SnowJapan, please contact us.

About the distances to other ski resorts and accommodations
All of the resort-to-resort and resort-to-accommodation distances that are shown on SnowJapan have been calculated manually by using multiple sources and we have of course tried to be as accurate as possible. We have re-calculated the distances for the 2016-2017 season (to include a decimal point). Generally, the distances shown:
- are the shortest distance between resorts by car using roads that are open during winter;
- use main roads, but avoid expressways;
- are the distance to the main car park base of a resort (when there is only one);
- are the distance to the closest main entrance of the ski resort (when there is more than one);
There are some exceptions to the above. For example when very narrow or complicated roads are involved, a simpler route has sometimes been chosen even if it is a slightly longer distance. Please use this information as a general guide and be sure to make further checks if you plan on making a journey.

Lessons in English & other services
On some resort pages, links to information on Lessons in English and other services will appear on the right hand side of the page. These are ski and snowboard schools and other services that are listed within SnowJapan.

Route Finder
This functionality uses googlemaps which means that SnowJapan does not control the information. Please use it as a general guide and be sure to make further checks if you plan on making a journey.

Reviews & Photos
These are reviews and photos that members of SnowJapan have uploaded. You need to register to post a review or upload a photo, but it is totally free. If you have been to a ski resort in Japan, please do consider adding your feedback.

Reader Resort Rankings
These are scores that members of SnowJapan have assigned when writing a Resort Review. You need to register to post a review and rankings. If you have been to a ski resort in Japan, please do consider adding your feedback.

Linking to SnowJapan pages
If you would like to put a link to any of the pages of SnowJapan on your website or blog, please go ahead - there is no need to ask for permission. We always appreciate a credit and link. Thank you very much.

A few common questions

Why isn't a particular ski hill featured on SnowJapan?
If such a ski hill exists... it should be! Our goal is to introduce every ski hill/resort in Japan and we try to keep our listings current and correct. At one time, there were apparently close to 700 (!) ski hills in Japan, but currently the number is more like 500. Many of those are very small local ski hills. Some ski hills currently have a rather vague operating status - for example, they may be currently closed but there remains a possibility of re-opening in the future. Others are closed for good and any ski lifts have been removed. If you know a ski hill that you believe we have missed, please contact us and we will look into it... if it is a ski hill that has not closed down for good, we will add it to SnowJapan.

Why do you feature tiny ski hills on SnowJapan?
As noted above, we want to introduce every ski hill/resort in Japan. Not just the main ones. And not just the ones that are actively trying to attract foreign skiers and snowboarders. So that includes the tiny places... which to some people still remain very important! Our new resort text introductions - along with the detailed resort data on the pages - help make the size and scale of a ski hill clear to readers.

Why isn't a particular accommodation, ski school or other company featured on SnowJapan?
Ski schools, tour companies, accommodations - in fact, any company that offers services that would be of interest and value to SnowJapan readers - can request to be featured on SnowJapan if they wish to be. The first step is to contact us. We are happy to introduce these businesses if we feel they are appropriate, but they do not have any influence on the content of SnowJapan or the way we operate SnowJapan.


How we do things

SnowJapan has total control over all of the information published within - apart from the snow depth statistics, the weekly snow and weather forecasts and maps.

Furthermore, no-one dictates to us what is published on SnowJapan (and that includes any advertisers).

The integrity of our operation is extremely important to us, and we believe many of our readers also value that. You can use SnowJapan knowing that we are not trying to sell you any particular ski resort or region and we will continue to develop the site with that in mind.

More on that kind of thing here...



As much as we dislike disclaimers... while we are confident in the accuracy of the information on SnowJapan, we do not take any responsibility for any decisions that readers make based on information published on the website. Please enjoy using our website knowing how much care we put into it, but if you are making any big decisions... check up on things. And again, if you find any information that you believe to be mistaken, we very much want to know about it - so please contact us.

And always take care out there in the mountains.