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There are currently about 500 places to ski and snowboard in the mountainous regions of Japan, ranging from huge mega-resorts to tiny local ski areas, making for an overwhelming amount of choice. Welcome to the definitive information on Japanese ski areas - featuring resort introductions, detailed data on every ski area throughout Japan and also regional information. Our resort listings are updated daily with official resort snow depth data during the ski season and snow & weather forecasts throughout the year. Information on ski areas from Japan’s past can be found on
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Random Resorts!

Aizu Kogen Daikura
Max. elevation: 1200m
Min. elevation: 838m
Vertical: 362m
Steepest slope: 38°
Longest course: 2000m
Number of lifts: 5
Reviews: 4
Photos: 29
Eniwa Shimin
Max. elevation: 115m
Min. elevation: 165m
Vertical: 50m
Steepest slope: 18°
Longest course: 300m
Number of lifts: 1
Reviews: 1
Photos: 0
Max. elevation: 1055m
Min. elevation: 340m
Vertical: 715m
Steepest slope: 34°
Longest course: 3000m
Number of lifts: 6
Reviews: 6
Photos: 0
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