Urabandai resort review (Kita Shiobara Village, Fukushima)

Reviews of Urabandai resort in Kita Shiobara Village, Fukushima Prefecture. Currently 1 reviews.
Kita Shiobara Village, Fukushima
Submitted by andrewl on 25th February 2008
Ura Bandai review by Zer0star
A hidden gem in the Inawashiro area...

Only has a few slow old lifts but has a nice atmosphere, is cheap, has a pretty good park and probably the best food at a resort I've ever had. I heard the hotel chef comes up and cook for the lunch there...

Great place for a change of scenery, and gets some pretty good snow too. Definitely try it out
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Kita Shiobara Village, Fukushima
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1200m
Min. elevation: 900m
Vertical: 300m
Steepest slope: 35°
Longest course: 1400m
Number of lifts: 3

Location of Urabandai