Nakagawa resort review (Nakagawa Town, Hokkaido)

Reviews of Nakagawa resort in Nakagawa Town, Hokkaido Prefecture. Currently 1 reviews.
Nakagawa Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by rubbersoul9 on 13th January 2015
sapporo bankei
This was my first snow field I visited in Japan, had a great time.

It was very busy (mostly children).

I was unfortunate to lose my pass out of my pocket, the parks manager was nice enough to tell lift operater that I could go back up and try find it, as it was slightly windy I knew I had no chance, although when I couldn't find it manager gave me a new pass and I bought myself a pass holder.

Just want
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Nakagawa Town, Hokkaido
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 60m
Min. elevation: 30m
Vertical: 20m
Steepest slope: 18°
Longest course: 100m
Number of lifts: 1

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Location of Nakagawa