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Zao Onsen
Yamagata City, Yamagata
Submitted by stepchild on 8th February 2005
Zao Onsen review by stepchild
I've just been to Zao once. For one day. Admittedly the weather was cack, bad visibility all morning. However, it was bright in the afternoon and we still thought it was pants. Basically, lots of really short runs connected by short lifts that are too far apart so you have to spend a lot of time scooting between them. I spent the whole day feeling like I was in transit - trying to get to the decent runs. Of which
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Appi Kogen
Hachimantai Town, Iwate
Submitted by stepchild on 8th February 2005
Appi Kogen review by stepchild
Appi is a bit more how I like it. It's split into two areas that are easy to travel between. The gondola and lift set-up is good, they are fast and well placed.

There are a lot of long, pretty steep runs for full-blown maching. There are also medium and learner runs. It caters for everyone. There are some good tree runs between pistes and some really nice runs under the lifts. Watch out for patrol. We met a canuck there
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Tanigawadake Tenjindaira
Minakami Town, Gunma
Submitted by stepchild on 25th January 2005
Tanigawadake Tenjindaira review by stepchild
Tenjin. I too have heard lots of really good things about this place.

Firstly, the marked runs are very, very short and hardly in abundance. But people go to tenjin to ride the bc. From what I've seen it's good in comparison to anything else in gunma, there are good, steep-ish slopes in very close proximity to the chair-lift. Patrol were really lax when I have been.

Tenjin also gets good snow consistently, from what I've heard. So, if you get there
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Yanaba Snow & Green Park
Omachi City, Nagano
Submitted by stepchild on 24th January 2005
Yanaba review by stepchild
Basically, yanaba is a jibber's wet dream. It consists of one main run with a shed load of decent, well maintained kickers and jibs of all shapes and sizes. There are a few peripheral runs with no jibs but they are short and a bit of a token gesture, I think. 90% of the clientelle are young snowboarders riding said jibs. 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot.... there is not much else to it.

If you
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Tambara Ski Park
Numata City, Gunma
Submitted by stepchild on 14th January 2005
Tanbara Ski Park review by stepchild
I went on a Saturday for just one day. It was really busy with lots of low level skiers and riders.

The snow was good but we found no-where to really let rip.

Everywhere is really slow and shallow so pretty dull. Some ok tree runs but they're short and slow.

The 'kickers' are badly shaped with short landings and really slow run ups. no rails when I went.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but learners.

It's a small, shallow resort.
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