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Kurobushi Kogen Snow Park Jangle Jungle
黒伏高原スノーパーク ジャングル・ジャングル
Higashine City, Yamagata
Submitted by stashboard on 28th January 2004
Kurobushi Kogen Snow Park Jangle Jungle review by stashboard
For people snowboarding in the Sendai/Miyagi area, JJ is a great place that offers good snow, long runs, and modern high-speed lifts on a mountain reachable by normal (non-toll) roads.

It seems to be geared towards snowboarders and younger people in general and they've done a good job putting in jumps and other structures to keep things interesting.

Another big plus is the music they play over the PA system. Unlike the garbage played at other slopes, JJ does
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